How important is Signage Branding



Green Signs illuminated sign

Every business, no matter its size, benefits from branding and maintaining itself as recognizable to its patrons,
and community that it represents. Branding allows a business to differentiate themselves from their competition.
It attaches a personality. This personality is what people relate to, by establishing relationships with customers and
potential customers. This encourages brand loyalty, which cements the business’s future in the market and creates
a consistent platform for the business to stand on in order to get messages out to the consumer.
Many communities argue that limiting sign size will not adversely impact local business and that local businesses need
only be “indexed” because local consumers are familiar with the products or services locally offered and how to access them, therefore do not need signage for guidance. What is unrecognized in the theory of sign regulation is that even in the most demographically stable area, at least 30% of business is likely to be generated by consumers who are new and unfamiliar to the area. The on premise sign should be a full-function communication system. In any setting, a sign should be easily detectable, possess optimum legibility, readability and conspicuity. These factors matter around the clock. A business needs to be sure that a current or potential customer can see the sign during any time of day, night or inclement weather.

Green Signs custom electric signs Green Signs custom sign










Green Signs install new EMC for Premier Truck Rental


Premier Truck Rental


Green Signs designed, manufactured and installed this new Electronic Message Center for Premier Truck Rental in Fort Wayne Indiana.  Premier Truck Rental recently moved to Fort Wayne to a new facility off of Bluffton Road.   They  provide  nationwide 4×4 truck rentals and service a variety of industries.   Your can contact them for more information at

9138 Bluffton Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46809
(844) 644-9138 or






premier truck rental 2

Detailed view of the sign.


Green Signs & National Manufacture Day

Welcome mat

Green Signs welcoming all for National Manufacture Day


Green Signs hosted its first National Manufacture Day Event on Friday, October 2, 2015.  With approximately 70 students in attendance, Green Signs gave a tour of its facility.  Shawn Green, CEO, told a brief history of Green Signs along with Robert Brancamp giving details of how signs are designed and manufactured.  Ken Peskin, ISA, told the students about how certain signs are mass produced.  The Greensburg Daily News was present to take photos and interviews.


Shawn Green Rose Perdue Melanie Douglas

Shawn Green, Melanie Douglas, Rose Perdue





Shawn and Ken Peskin

Shawn Green and Ken Peskin





Shawn giving history of GSC

Shawn Green telling the students the history of Green Signs





Tour thru GSC Graphics Room

Students touring the Graphics Room at Green Signs





Ken Peskin giving details of how signs are made

Students gather around signs while Ken Peskin describes how certain signs are made

Robert Brancamp describing how the HP printer works

Robert Brancamp and Andrew Foster describe to students how the HP printer works

Shawn Green talking with students about design

Shawn Green discusses design with students

Ken Peskin Rose Perdue Melanie Douglas Students gathered in production shop













Green Signs hosting Manufacturing Day

The finished product - A more vibrant lighting sign.

The finished product – A more vibrant lighting sign.

Green Signs will be hosting an open house on October 2, 2015 from 9:30 to 11:00 am for Manufacturing Day. A tour will be given at 9:45 of our facility. This open house will be for students and the public to see our facility where we utilize technology that has allowed us to become one of the most successful sign companies in the US today. We will be providing refreshments and required safety glasses. Please no open toed shoes. If you would like to attend, follow the link provided to register. #greensigns

LED Retrofit lighting improves wall signage



Green Signs recently updated their wall sign from neon lighting to LED lighting. Converting your neon sign to LED lighting not only extends the life of your sign, but make it brighter and uses a lot less electricity, while burning cool to the touch. Ask yourself why should I have LED lighting in place of Neon or fluorescent lamps. The answers are quite enlightening…….#Green Signs


Preparing the sign for retrofit

Preparing the sign for retrofit

LED lighting can lower your costs due to lower electric consumption of up to 70%.
LED lighting has a greater longevity. They are more reliable and last longer – up to 100,000 hours comparable to approximately only 30,000 hours for Neon.
LED lighting has a lower maintenance cost as well. It can be replaced within one service trip comparing to neon that has to be repaired offsite. LED power supplies are about half the cost of neon transformers.
LEDs are extremely durable. Neon glass is very fragile and can break very easily.
LEDs are also considered a “Green” product and environmentally friendly.
LED’s have a secondary power of 12 volts, which is less prone to fire hazards.


LED’s operate well in cold weather, illuminating brightly and consistently. Neon does not like cold weather and the brightness drops dramatically when the temperature drops below 35 degrees.

The photos show the process of retrofitting the channel letters to provide a more cost efficient and better lighting sign.



Applying new trim cap to the sign faces

Applying new trim cap to the sign faces






Populating the sign backers with LED lighting

Populating the sign backers with LED lighting

Apply translucent vinyl to the acrylic faces

Apply translucent vinyl to the acrylic faces


Mounting the LEDs into the channel letters

Mounting the LEDs into the channel letters







The finished product - A more vibrant lighting sign.

The finished product – A more vibrant lighted sign.

Channel Letters give PNC Bank a new look


01233e853007622f65654622a6d48e0a9e1cf32226 011f12715b17a9268720645d9b0cdb5b003a5f6432









Green Signs recently installed LED Channel Letters onto the PNC Bank in Tipton Indiana.  Channel letters are a great way to give your brand your business when other signage is not an option due to your location or sign ordinance.   Channel Letter signage can be made from simple to custom designs.  You can match channel letters to your business logo as well.  Using LED illumination is an eco-friendly and more cost effective way to light your sign than using costly neon.    Green Signs can design your new signage to enhance your storefront and brand your business.  Let our award winning designers help boost your business with signage that will not only stand out but will help brand your business and location.

New signage………Just lovin’ it!


night photo ks 7.9.15


Green Signs recently installed new signage for Reliable Transportation Solutions in Georgetown Ohio.  They were completely thrilled with their sign. Quoting their words…”LOVE IT”

When starting a new business or adding a new location, branding your location is one of the most important things you could do for your business.  This allows your existing and potential customers to see where you are.  Effective signage gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.  Give your company the voice it needs by having effective signage.  Green Signs can help give your business the “voice” it needs.