Green Signs & National Manufacture Day

Welcome mat

Green Signs welcoming all for National Manufacture Day


Green Signs hosted its first National Manufacture Day Event on Friday, October 2, 2015.  With approximately 70 students in attendance, Green Signs gave a tour of its facility.  Shawn Green, CEO, told a brief history of Green Signs along with Robert Brancamp giving details of how signs are designed and manufactured.  Ken Peskin, ISA, told the students about how certain signs are mass produced.  The Greensburg Daily News was present to take photos and interviews.


Shawn Green Rose Perdue Melanie Douglas

Shawn Green, Melanie Douglas, Rose Perdue





Shawn and Ken Peskin

Shawn Green and Ken Peskin





Shawn giving history of GSC

Shawn Green telling the students the history of Green Signs





Tour thru GSC Graphics Room

Students touring the Graphics Room at Green Signs





Ken Peskin giving details of how signs are made

Students gather around signs while Ken Peskin describes how certain signs are made

Robert Brancamp describing how the HP printer works

Robert Brancamp and Andrew Foster describe to students how the HP printer works

Shawn Green talking with students about design

Shawn Green discusses design with students

Ken Peskin Rose Perdue Melanie Douglas Students gathered in production shop













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