How important is Signage Branding



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Every business, no matter its size, benefits from branding and maintaining itself as recognizable to its patrons,
and community that it represents. Branding allows a business to differentiate themselves from their competition.
It attaches a personality. This personality is what people relate to, by establishing relationships with customers and
potential customers. This encourages brand loyalty, which cements the business’s future in the market and creates
a consistent platform for the business to stand on in order to get messages out to the consumer.
Many communities argue that limiting sign size will not adversely impact local business and that local businesses need
only be “indexed” because local consumers are familiar with the products or services locally offered and how to access them, therefore do not need signage for guidance. What is unrecognized in the theory of sign regulation is that even in the most demographically stable area, at least 30% of business is likely to be generated by consumers who are new and unfamiliar to the area. The on premise sign should be a full-function communication system. In any setting, a sign should be easily detectable, possess optimum legibility, readability and conspicuity. These factors matter around the clock. A business needs to be sure that a current or potential customer can see the sign during any time of day, night or inclement weather.

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