Channel Letters give PNC Bank a new look


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Green Signs recently installed LED Channel Letters onto the PNC Bank in Tipton Indiana.  Channel letters are a great way to give your brand your business when other signage is not an option due to your location or sign ordinance.   Channel Letter signage can be made from simple to custom designs.  You can match channel letters to your business logo as well.  Using LED illumination is an eco-friendly and more cost effective way to light your sign than using costly neon.    Green Signs can design your new signage to enhance your storefront and brand your business.  Let our award winning designers help boost your business with signage that will not only stand out but will help brand your business and location.

New signage………Just lovin’ it!


night photo ks 7.9.15


Green Signs recently installed new signage for Reliable Transportation Solutions in Georgetown Ohio.  They were completely thrilled with their sign. Quoting their words…”LOVE IT”

When starting a new business or adding a new location, branding your location is one of the most important things you could do for your business.  This allows your existing and potential customers to see where you are.  Effective signage gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.  Give your company the voice it needs by having effective signage.  Green Signs can help give your business the “voice” it needs.





Electronic Message Center is the new word


Martinsville High School has recently upgraded their signage courtesy of Green Sign Company.  Green Signs designed, manufactured and installed their new main id sign with an Electronic Message Center.  With custom signage like this, you will sure to notice what school has going on.  Green signs has provided photos of the process of building their sign.



Start of Sign Frame




Router Sign Faces








Adding acrylic to sign faces for illumination


Testing illumination









Loaded up and ready for sign install







Martinsville High school small

Finished Product


Refurbishing your signage

Before photo



Green Sign Company gave Max’s Jewelry in Columbus Indiana a sign facelift.  By providing a fresh coat of paint, new lamps and neon, the old sign looks as good as it did when it was first installed.

Sign replacement can be costly.  Refurbishing your sign allows you a maximum visual appeal with minimal cost.  Sign refurbishment can be as minimal or as extensive as you would like.  You can repair what needs repaired or include upgrades or additional components to your signage to give it a fresh facelift and bring it back to its original vitality and effectiveness.

If you have signage that is looking a bit “worse for wear”, and you are not sure it is in the budget for brand new signage, consider refurbishing your current signage to give it a fresh new look.  Green Sign Company can give your signage the facelift it needs to bring back its vitality.




































AFTER Night Photo








The Value of a Sign





Signage is necessary to the success of any business and many industries can attribute a large percentage of business to their sign. Some fast food outlets attribute as much as 80 percent of their business to their on premise signage, the travel industry, 30 percent; gas and retailing, 50 percent; and hotels/motels, 50 percent. A visible, readable sign can make the difference between profit and loss for many businesses.
Advertising costs of a sign when compared to other advertising costs such as radio, newspaper, television and direct mail, an on premise sign is inexpensive. For example the cost per 1000 adult exposures with a sign is only a few pennies for 24-hour-day coverage. In addition, an on premise sign cultivates cumulative, long-term awareness of a business, stimulating repeat buying of products and services offered. For businesses with a limited advertising budget, a sign is an inexpensive method to maximize returns per dollar spent.
Signs are valuable to businesses of all sizes, and in all industries. Signs help consumers become aware of a business, service, or event. They help promote purchases, change purchase decisions and build brand equity.
Signage is an inexpensive, yet very effective form of advertising. Maintaining an advertising presence through signs helps build long-term brand awareness. Effective signage can also be a determining factor in influencing customers to switch.
An effective sign is the most successful way of attracting the attention of passing motorists. It should be large enough in both total size and lettering. The message should be clear and concise, identifying your location and type of business. At minimum, your sign should attract new customers, brand the business and create impulse sales.


A new image says it all.

photo 3b



Green Signs gives Smith’s Row a new image in downtown Columbus Indiana.   With a new image, you can see that this business stands out.  This business, located in downtown Columbus, Indiana was in need of an updated image that would allow for them to set themselves apart from everyone else.  The custom signs light up their business to let their customers and potential customers know where they are and open for business.







nite photo


Custom Sign for Rushville Law Office


Barada install

Green Signs installed a new sign for Barada Law Office in Rushville Indiana. Great looking custom sign.  A custom sign will allow your business to stand apart from everyone else.  Brand your location with a custom sign.  Giving your business a custom sign by Green Signs, will help you define yourself from the competition.

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