A thorough, well-planned sign and graphics program allows your facility to operate smoothly; reassuring your guests and patients, at the same time enhancing your image. At Green Sign Company we can provide ADA signs to help assist visitors and patients with special needs. You can easily guide patients, visitors, employees through your medical facility with directional, interior signs, and wall graphics.

We also provide banners and posters that can promote health and wellness programs, as well upcoming events or fundraisers.

Rush Memorial - Etched Vinyl graphics - GSC 100 Series

3M Etched vinyl graphics to help direct clients coming in to register. Custom designed for Rush Memorial Hospital.

Rush Memorial Hospital - 3M Fasara Window Film - GSC 100 Series

Green provides many window film options. Farara by 3M offers multiple design options - GSC 100 Series - Ready To Apply Hi-Performance PREMIUM 3M FASARA STRING interior design polyester films - At a fraction of the cost of etched-glass, Fasara films are perfectly suited for interior glass partitions or the inside surface of windows. Available in several textures, Fasara films can be used to create a more private atmosphere or a more dynamic aesthetic. - Matte finish - Class A - Fire Classification

Green guard sneeze guards - GSC 200 Green guard series

GSC 200 Green Guard Series - Sneeze Guards available in standard or custom shapes and sizes at an affordable price. #sneezeguards #safetydecals #greenguard


Great team project of working with Schneck Medical, Architect, and Pepper Construction. We did a complete hospital branding and wayfinding sign program but this part of the project consisted of GSC 600 Series Monument Signs: Internally illuminated premium Green Signs LED's, Custom Cabinets with .125" thick opaque aluminum background. We made the project turnkey for our clients with our Green Sign Certified Installation Crew.

Acrylic & Polycarbonate Care Instructions - GSC 200, 300, & 600 Series

Acrylic and Polycarbonate are both relatively soft materials and scratch easily if not taken care of. They also naturally build up a static charge and attract dirt and dust like a magnet. Without the proper care, these materials can be destroyed. How to clean and maintain acrylic and polycarbonate.


Larger project and partnership of working with Pepper Construction and Schneck Medical. Custom Channel Letters / GSC 750 Series includes our Premium LED Internal Illumination for the large medical icon. The large icon was custom contour design that helped save our client money.


This all new branding package Green Signs put together for the new beautifully renovated Schneck Medical Center is a definite all out project. We did everything from the parking garage signage to all the exterior signage making this a huge project for our team that we are very proud of!


Green Signs eco-friendly 3M high resolution digital printed wraps, cutting edge technology and expert installers, we are able to transform any vehicle, in this case a bus, into an eye catching communication tool for your business.

Watson Chiropractic - Custom Illuminated Blade Sign - GSC 600, 700, 750 Series

This custom flag mount was designed to have a sleek, modern yet professional aesthetic that is highly visible both during business and night hours to attract potential clients with thoughtful placement of lighting to outline the unique shape of the sign demanding attention.

Decatur Co Memorial Hospital - Donor Wall - GSC 200 / 300 Series

When initial talks about this Donor Wall began, we knew how important it was to maintain consistency with existing tree shaped Donor Walls located throughout the hospital. This plague incorporates the organic tree features in an aesthetically pleasing design while using an acrylic second surface vinyl application for a professional clean look as hospital patrons enter the 3rd floor of their advanced treatment area.

GSC 100 Green Sign Series Perforated Vinyl Graphics Greensburg IN

DASI Autism Center - Perforated Vinyl Graphics - GSC 100 Series

This colorful window perforated vinyl was designed especially for DASI to make their new location, DASI Autism Center, in Greensburg both enjoyable and inviting.

Blue River Pharmacy - Internally Illuminated Channel Letters - GSC 750 SERIES

Blue River Pharmacy is another one of the many companies that we have done work for in multiple cities. At their new location in Brownsburg, IN they entrusted Green Sign Company create and install new channel letters on their building.


Etched Vinyl Graphics

Green Sign Company's professional installation team designs, produces and installs, digitally printed translucent colors on 3M high-resolution, clear vinyl. The results are outstanding and give a very modern and professional look.

Struckhoff Orthodontics - Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

Internally illuminated LED channel letters with remote halo illumination give Struckoff Orthodontics a distinguished first impression. The exterior of Green Signs channel letters are made of aluminum and painted with automotive grade paint, made to withstand the toughest of outdoor elements.

Christie Family Dentistry - Internally Illuminated - GSC 600 Series

This double-sided, internally illuminated monument sign is mounted on a mason base. The low wattage LED lighting partnered with premium 1st surface translucent graphics to give this sign a beautiful glow from dusk until dawn.

Harrison Pharmacy - Branding Package

The branding and signage package Green Sign Company created for the Harrison Pharmacy stayed true to a small hometown pharmacy, while still providing a new and improved look.

GSC 300 Series Temporary Site Sign CVS Pharmacy Westfield IN

CVS Pharmacy - Temporary Site Sign - GSC 300 Series

Temporary site signs are made from poly-metal sign panels and decorated with digitally printed vinyl graphics. We mount these specific signs on treated lumber and provide professional installation as well.

GSC 300 Series Dimensional Wall Letters and Logo Margaret Mary Health Osgood IN

Margaret Mary Health - Dimensional Letters & Logo - GSC 300 Series

Our professional team manufactured and installed these individual hand cast aluminum letters for Margaret Mary Hospital for their multiple locations in southeast Indiana.

Total Care Pharmacy - Channel Letters and Logo - GSC 750 Series

Morehead, KY was another one of the locations that we upgraded the Total Care Pharmacy facade. Our premium channel lettering and logo is internally illuminated with premium LED lighting.

Hillenbrand Industries - Wall Logo, Lettering, & Cabinet - GSC 300/400 Series

Green Sign Company recently traveled to southern Tennessee to install lettering, logo, and cabinet on the facade of Hillenbrand Industries building. These simple letters, logo were made from PVC and the sign cabinet was made from aluminum and with PVC lettering attached.

GSC 1000 series awnings & canopies total care pharmacy falmouth, ky

Total Care Pharmacy - Awnings & Canopies - GSC 1000 Series

Total Care Pharmacy is another franchise that called upon Green Sign Company to complete multiple projects for them. The awnings on the pharmacy in Falmouth, KY are internally illuminated to make entryways and the pickup window visible in the dark.

GSC-750 Series Channel Letters Total Care Pharmacy Crittenden, KY

Total Care Pharmacy - Channel Logo & Letters - GSC 750 Series

Green Sign Company has provided branding for several Total Care Pharmacy locations in Northern Kentucky. At the location in Crittenden, we installed internally illuminated channel letters with an internally illuminated logo.


Accudoc Urgent Care - Pylon Sign - GSC 600 Series

This Urgent Care hi-rise, pylon sign was one of the many signs that we have manufactured and installed for AccuDoc. This 96 square foot internally illuminated sign, has an all-aluminum exterior that was primed and painted with automotive grade paint, and the flex faces were decorated with 1st surface translucent graphics. It's perfect for getting the attention of travelers on the interstate! #hi-rise #interstatesigns

Walton Pharmacy - Branding Package

Green Sign Company updated the look of Walton Pharmacy with internally illuminated channel letters and an Electronic Message Center.

Animal Medical Hospital - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

Swine Veterinary Services - Monument - GSC 800 Series

Monument signs are a great long lasting way to showcase your business with an architectural accent. Our monument signs are made from a stucco background and customized with PVC dimensional letters and logos covered with 3M vinyl graphics.

Greensburg Veterinary Clinic - Monument - GSC 800 Series

Monument signs are a great long lasting way to showcase your business with an architectural accent. Our monument signs are made from a stucco background and customized with PVC dimensional letters and logos covered with 3M vinyl graphics.


Decatur County Memorial Hospital - GSC 400 Series

Green Sign Company has assisted Decatur County Memorial Hospital with multiple upgrades to their branding over the year. This specific project consisted of aluminum faces over aluminum square posts that were primed and painted with automotive grade paint and decorated with 3M high-performance vinyl.

GSC 400 Series Architectural Post Panel Dr Mark A Barr DDS

Dr. Mark A. Barr, DDS - Architectural Post Panel - GSC 400 Series

This custom architectural post panel sign was composed of aluminum faces with an aluminum frame that was painted with automotive grade paint and decorated with 3M vinyl lettering.

Richmond Eye Center - Polished Metal Logo & Letters - GSC 300 Series

Dimensional signage always adds value and attention to your business and brand. Green Sign Company uses polished metal finish, & dimensional metal logo and letters to provide our customers with a lasting product.

Dr. Eversole DDS - Wall and Ground Signs - GSC 300 & 600 Series

This specific sign package includes long-lasting metal letters with a polished metal face with returns and internally illuminated monument style sign.


Embrace Dental - Custom Window Vinyl - GSC 100 Series

Custom Window Vinyl is the perfect, distinctive way to help your business stand out from the rest. At Green Sign Company we use premium 3M high-resolution vinyl to ensure a long-lasting impression.

Dr. Welage Optometry - Custom Window Vinyl - GSC 100 Series

Green Sign Company designed custom interior, window graphics to correlate with the new logo of Dr. Thomas Welage's facility. Adding etch vinyl to your office windows will give your office a polished look and subtly add privacy.

Dr. Welage Optometry - Branding Package

Green Sign Company produced a custom design, branding package to coordinate with Dr. Thomas Welage's new facility.

Rush Memorial Hospital - Branding Package

Rush Memorial Hosptial enhanced their curb appeal, with multiple improvements, accelerating the rebranding of the City of Rushville. Green Sign Company has designed, manufactured, & installed vehicle wraps & graphics, interior signs, electronic message centers, channel letters, and much more for Rush Memorial.

Forefront Dermatology - Interior ADA - GSC 200 Series

The specific ADA signs for Forefront Dermatology include a clear window allowing them to change the name of the office if they ever relocate or rearrange offices.

Fort Mitchell Veterinary Center - Interior Branding - GSC 200, 300, & 600 Series

The interior wall logo for the Fort Mitchell Veterinary Center is a great and affordable sign made from routered PVC and covered with 3M vinyl graphics.

Decatur County Memorial Hospital - Electronic Message Center - GSC 600E Series

Decatur County Community Hospital in Greensburg keeps its community informed with their 10mm American Company Electronic Message Center. #Medicaldigitalsigns #hospitalsigns

Rush Memorial Hospital - Internally Illuminated & Electronic Message Center - GSC 600 Series

Rush Memorial Hospital has done a huge makeover to their brand. Green Sign Company installed multiple, internally illuminated cabinet signs, some with Electronic Message Centers.

GSC 100 Series Bus 3M Vinyl Graphics Partial Wrap Rush Rushville Indiana

Rush Memorial Hospital - Vehicle Wraps - GSC 100 Series

Rush Memorial Hospital called on Green Sign Company when their hospital needed professional wraps for their shuttle bus and trailers.

GSC 650 Sign Series Multi-Tenant Dr. Thomas Welage Greensburg, Indiana

Dr. Thomas Welage, O.D. - Internally Illuminated Multi Tenant Sign - GSC 650 Series

Working with our design team, we were able to create a more modern multi-tenant sign for Dr. Welage. This sign has a beautiful stone base and the cabinet is internally illuminated with LED lighting.