Branding Packages

Harrison Pharmacy - Branding Package - GSC 100, 200, 300, 750, 900, & 1000 Series

The branding and signage package Green Sign Company created for the Harrison Pharmacy stayed true to a small hometown pharmacy, while still providing a new and improved look.

Batesville Liquor Co - Branding Package - GSC 300 - 750 & 900 Series

Batesville Liquor hired Green Sign Company to create a new handcrafted logo and exterior lighted sign package. This package consisted of dimensional acrylic letters with a classic style external ligh...[Read More]

Alcan - Branding Package - GSC 200, 400, 750 Series

Green Signs has assisted Alcan in multiple locations with their exterior branding. In Shelbyville, KY we installed multiple, directional signage as well a massive, internally illuminated, channel let...[Read More]

Hitachi Chemical - Branding Package - GSC 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 600E Series

Hitachi Chemical rebranded their entire image with a complete branding package from new vinyl decals throughout their facility, an exterior illuminated wall cabinet, and a new Electronic Message Cente...[Read More]

Walton Pharmacy - Branding Package - GSC 300, 750, & 600E Series

Green Sign Company updated the look of Walton Pharmacy with internally illuminated channel letters and an Electronic Message Center.

FCN Bank - Branding Package - GSC 200, 300, 600, & 600E Series

At the FCN location in Connersville, IN was a complete sign package. Green Sign Company made custom internally illuminated cabinets with an embossed pan logo, accompanied by an electronic message cen...[Read More]

Absolute Style Salon - GSC 100, 200, 300, & 750 Series

This was a fun and creative project that compliments the service that this salon offers. Affordable polymetal sign panels decorated with high-resolution digital prints and exterior laminate were moun...[Read More]

FCN Bank - Branding Package - GSC 200, 300, 600, & 600E Series

Green Signs did the exterior and interior branding for this customer. This package consisted of interior and exterior wall logo, and exterior, internally illuminated monument signs with Electronic Me...[Read More]

Dr. Welage Optometry - Branding Package - GSC 100, 200, 300, 650, & 900 Series

Green Sign Company produced a custom design, branding package to coordinate with Dr. Thomas Welage's new facility.

Bru Burger Bar - Branding Package - GSC 200, 600, 700, 775, & Custom

What fun project at multiple locations this custom design and sign package is composed of old-school neon, a hand-painted wall, and internally illuminated contour logos that coincide with the Bru Burg...[Read More]

Rush Memorial Hospital - Branding Package - GSC 100, 200, 400, 600, 750 Series

Rush Memorial Hosptial enhanced their curb appeal, with multiple improvements, accelerating the rebranding of the City of Rushville. Green Sign Company has designed, manufactured, & installed veh...[Read More]

Union 50 Restaurant - Interior & Exterior Branding - GSC 200 & 750 Series

This custom sign package goes with the entire design of the restaurant. The interior and exterior signage really gives this business that extra boost of vitality.

Green Signs Branding Packages

Green Sign Company is a one-stop experienced sign and lighting company. Our experts in original design, engineering, permitting, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance gives you the advantage t...[Read More]

City of Rushville Farmer's Market - Illuminated Custom Arch Canopy & Window Graphics - GSC 100 & 1000 Series

Rushville, IN recently won the Stellar Award for their community and The Farmer's Market was first on the list of many improvements happening in this city.
GSC 600 Series Internally Illuminated Cummins in Columbus, IN

Cummins - Brand Maintenance

Let Green Sign Company help you maintain your brand. We offer night surveys to ensure signs and lighting is properly illuminated and your facility is safe. We also provide yearly cleaning and inspec...[Read More]