Hi-Rise & Pylon Signs

GSC 600 Series
Seymour Culver's: Lighted Hi Rise Sign

Culver's Restaurant - GSC 600 Series - Lighted Hi-Rise Restaurant Sign

Out with the old and in with the new! This hi-rise sign received a makeover!! Our install team removed the old sign cabinet and installed the new Culver's sign cabinet! With this height, people wi...[Read More]
Fuel Mart - Custom LED Digital Price Changer

FuelMart - GSC 675 Series - Custom Digital LED Price Changer & Internally Illuminated Cabinet

What an amazing project this was! The Green Sign Company install team traveled to Austin IN to install this Custom Hi Rise sign for FuelMart! They were in dire need of an upgrade from their old sign a...[Read More]

Franklin Gateway-GSC 600 Series-Multi-Tenant Hi Rise Pylon

For this huge project, Green Sign Company got the opportunity to create a custom sign that will be used for more than one business! Multi-Tenant signs are great for shopping centers, town plazas/squar...[Read More]

Skyline Chili-GSC 600 Series-Internally Illuminated Hi-Rise Sign

For this project, Green Sign Company got the opportunity to work at an area favorite, Skyline Chili! We helped them revamp their sign so that they can be seen from miles down I-74!

AccuDoc-GSC 600 & 700 Series- Internally Illuminated Hi-Rise Sign

This Urgent Care hi-rise, pylon sign was one of the many signs that we have manufactured and installed for AccuDoc. This 96 square foot internally illuminated sign, has an all-aluminum exterior that ...[Read More]

House of Thunder-GSC 300 Series- Non-Illuminated Main ID Pylon

This non-lit sign is placed right off of one of the busiest highways in Southeastern Indiana, Highway 46. This sign was made with laminated polymetal and was decorated with premium vinyl graphics. Sig...[Read More]

Cunningham Restaurants-Stonecreek Dining Company-GSC 600 Series- Hi-Rise/Pylon Sign

Green Sign Company had the amazing opportunity to help Cunningham Restaurants update their Stonecreek Dining Company Signs! They received a fresh look to keep up to date and give an eye-catching displ...[Read More]