Directional, Informational & Wayfinding

GSC 400 Series

Blackford County Jr./Sr. High School-GSC 600E Series-Main ID Sign and Electronic Message Center

Blackford County Jr./Sr. High School upgraded its exterior signs to a new shoebox style cabinet sign with dimensional letters. Both new signs are simple yet effective in communicating with students an...[Read More]

Blackford County Jr./Sr. High School-GSC 400 Series-Shoebox Cabinet Sign with Dimensional Letters

Blackford County Jr./Sr. High School upgraded its exterior signs to a new shoebox style cabinet sign with dimensional letters. Both new signs are simple yet effective in communicating with students an...[Read More]

St. Mary's Catholic School- GSC 400 Series-Walking Trail Sign

This project was very unique to Green Sign Co. This sign is a custom four-sided architectural sign cabinet with high-performance, high-resolution graphics that are top-coated with an automotive-grade ...[Read More]

Amazon Delivery-GSC 400 Series-Directional & Wayfinding Signs

Amazon hired Green Sign Company to do custom sign work for their new Greenwood, Indiana building. Wayfinding signs are perfect for a warehouse like this. They help navigate truck drivers and delivery ...[Read More]

Dorel Hotels-Holiday Inn-GSC 400 Series-Interior Wayfinding Sign

Interior Wayfinding Signs like this one, are perfect for directing hotel guests to the right places. These signs are made with a double aluminum face and vinyl, making them super durable and long-last...[Read More]

Main Street/Historical Area-GSC 400 Series-Decorative Art Panel System

This custom Mesh Panel System is the first of it's kind here at Green Signs Co. These artistic panels are made with perforated aluminum and are powder-coated to ensure that they last. Working with...[Read More]


Our designers here at Green Signs got to show their amazing craftsmanship at Margaret Mary Health's new walking trails in Batesville Indiana. These GSC 400 custom series signs are four sided archi...[Read More]
Green Signs - Wayfinding - Middle School Sign - Entrance Sign - Indiana - Danville - Fabrication

Danville Middle School - WAYFINDING SIGNAGE - GSC 400 SERIES

To continue the Danville Community Schools branding update, these way-finding signs were installed on existing entrances at the middle school to provide a modern aesthetic with a clean design that wil...[Read More]

Green Sign Company - Directional & Wayfinding - GSC 400 Series

At Green Sign Company we know that branding is important. We make sure to give our customers a great first impression and the ease of entering our facility with these internally illuminated direction...[Read More]

Cass County Agri Business Park - Architectural Informational Signs - GSC 400 Series

Green Sign Company worked hand in hand with Cass County Agri-Business Park to help brand their new business park.

Laughing Horse Farm - Hand Crafted Dimensional - GSC 500 Series

This sign was made from High-Density Urethane, that we sand etched, and painted giving it a creative and dimensional look.
GSC 300 Series Dimensional Wall Letters and Logo Margaret Mary Health Osgood IN

Margaret Mary Health - Dimensional Letters & Logo - GSC 300 Series

Our professional team manufactured and installed these individual hand cast aluminum letters for Margaret Mary Hospital for their multiple locations in southeast Indiana.

Decatur County Memorial Hospital - GSC 400 Series

Green Sign Company has assisted Decatur County Memorial Hospital with multiple upgrades to their branding over the year. This specific project consisted of aluminum faces over aluminum square posts t...[Read More]

Decatur County Parks & Recreation - Custom Archway - GSC 400 Series

Green Sign Company designed and installed this custom archway for the Decatur County Parks and Recreation Department's Sports Complex in Greensburg.

MacTac - Architectural Signs - GSC 400 Series

MacTac hired Green Sign Company to design, manufacture and install an all aluminum background sign panel with a hidden shoebox lid and hung with mounting hardware above the entrance of their facility....[Read More]

Four Season Retirement - Post Panel Architectural - GSC 400 Series

Four Seasons was an interesting project because we had an existing brick structure that was grandfathered in the old sign ordinance. Green Signs was able to save our client money and allowed them to ...[Read More]
GSC 400 Series Architectural Post Panel Dr Mark A Barr DDS

Dr. Mark A. Barr, DDS - Architectural Post Panel - GSC 400 Series

This custom architectural post panel sign was composed of aluminum faces with an aluminum frame that was painted with automotive grade paint and decorated with 3M vinyl lettering.

Knauf - Main Entrance - GSC 400 Series

Green Signs designed and implemented Knauf's corporate logo into their main entrance sign. The custom designed shapes and size fit into the surrounding environment perfectly.

Rush Community Schools - Wayfinding Signage - GSC 400 Series

Green Sign Company designed the wayfinding signs in Rushville, IN to coordinate with other signs throughout the city. This all aluminum signage was made to last for many years, and it was covered wit...[Read More]
GSC 400 Series City of Batesville Wayfinding Sign and Design

City of Batesville - Logo & Wayfinding Project - GSC 400 & 900 Series

Green Sign Company not only manufactured and installed the wayfinding signs for the city of Batesville, but we also designed a new logo for the city as a part of our GSC 900 Series. Navigational signs...[Read More]

Ameriplex Park - Directional and Branding - GSC 400 Series

This all aluminum exterior sign was primed and painted with automotive grade paint and 3M vinyl decal graphics added. You can also add reflective vinyl graphics to your directional and wayfinding sig...[Read More]
GSC 400 Series Directional Sign United Methodist Church Greensburg IN

United Methodist Church - Wayfinding Signs - GSC 400 Series

Wayfinding Signs are a great addition to branding your property. Green Sign Company can help you design something that is inviting and informative, to help your guests and patrons move through your s...[Read More]