Interior Branding & Wayfinding

GSC 200 Series

Genesis Property Development - GSC 200 - 300 Series - Custom Interior Wall ID Sign

Recently, our team completed this project for our friends over at Genesis Property Development! They had reached out needing an interior sign and we were happy to help! Our account rep. for their area...[Read More]

Pavey's (Milroy, IN) - GSC 200/300/400 Series - Custom Interior Branding

Check out this recently completed jobs for the Pavey's in Milroy, IN!! We installed a combination of different types of signs to bring the interior of the new Pavey's convenience store to life!

Struckoff Orthodontics - GSC 200 Series - Custom Interior Wall Logo

Recently, our team completed this project for Struckoff & Britt Orthodontics in Florence, KY! Their team had reached out needing a new interior sign! Our account rep. for their area met with them to d...[Read More]
Town of Osgood, Indiana: Custom Interior Wall Logo

Town of Osgood, Indiana - GSC 200 Series - Custom Interior Wall Logo

We've recently had the privilege of working with the Town of Osgood on a couple of different projects! They had reached out wanting to increase their branding at the town hall building. Our account re...[Read More]
Mutual Savings Bank (Greenwood, IN): Custom Interior Wall Logo

Mutual Savings Bank (Greenwood, IN) - GSC 200 Series - Custom Interior Wall Logo

Recently, our team traveled to Greenwood, IN to install this custom interior wall logo for our friends over at Mutual Savings Bank! This is a new location of theirs, so they wanted make sure that the ...[Read More]
Home Bank (Mooresville, IN): Custom Interior Wall Logos for Bank

Home Bank (Mooresville, IN) - GSC 200 Series - Custom Interior Wall Logo for Bank

Our team traveled to Mooresville, IN to install custom interior wall logos for our long time customer and friends over at Home Bank! Their team reached out needing new signs for a new location. Our ac...[Read More]

Switzerland County Schools - GSC 200 Series - Custom Interior Cafeteria Dimensional Logo

Custom project completed for Switzerland County Schools in Vevay, Indiana. Our account rep. for this area met with the customer on site to review their goals for the new sign and to take measurements ...[Read More]
Ivy Tech Community College: Custom Interior Donor & Room ID Signs

Ivy Tech Community College (Franklin, IN) - GSC 200 Series - Custom Interior Donor & Room ID Signs

Here's a recently completed project for the Ivy Tech Community College in Franklin, IN! Our account rep. met with them onsite to discuss their goals for the new interior ID signs! They took measuremen...[Read More]
Access Medical Clinic: Custom Interior Clinic Wall ID Sign

Access Medical Clinic - GSC 200 Series - Custom Interior Clinic Wall ID Sign

Access Medical Clinic reached out to our team needing a new sign for the interior of the building they were moving into! Our account rep. for the area met with them on site to take measurements and ph...[Read More]
Milan Community Schools: Custom Interior School Gym Branding

Milan Community Schools - GSC 200 & 300 Series - Custom Interior School Gym Branding

School branding is important for multiple reasons! For one, school branding is what differentiates your school from other schools! Second, it helps increase school spirit and helps schools for connect...[Read More]
Friendship State Bank: Custom Interior Bank Logo

Friendship State Bank - GSC 200 Series - Custom Interior Bank Logo

Our friends down at Friendship State Bank in Versailles, IN reached out to us needing a Friendship Insurance Wall Logo for their location! We were able to help them by creating a custom design, fabric...[Read More]
Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation: Custom Interior Wall Sign

Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation - GSC 200 Series - Custom Interior Wall Sign

The BCSC team was looking for a way to honor their employees of the month! Our team worked with theirs to come up with a custom interior wall sign design that could be utilized to honor these special ...[Read More]
Napoleon State Bank: Custom Interior Wall Logo

The Napoleon State Bank - GSC 200 Series - Custom Interior Wall Logo

The GSC install team traveled to Osgood, IN to install this interior wall ID sign for The Napoleon State Bank! NSB has been an awesome customer and partner of ours for some time now and we're always t...[Read More]
Greensburg Decatur County Chamber of Commerce: Custom Interior Wall Logo

Greensburg Decatur County Chamber of Commerce - GSC 200 Series - Custom Interior Wall Logo

Our friends over at the Greensburg Decatur County Chamber of Commerce reached out soon after they received their new logo from our team to have us construct an interior wall logo for their office! It ...[Read More]
Rush Memorial Hospital: Interior Wall Logo

Rush Memorial Hospital - GSC 200 Series - Custom Wall Logo

This project is a custom dimensional wall logo that was installed by our install team in Rushville, Indiana. It's an interior sign that was added in the CEO's office at the hospital. This type of sign...[Read More]
Herdrich Petroleum - QuickPix Rushville - Interior Signs & Graphics

Herdrich Petroleum - GSC 100/200/600 Series - Custom Interior Signs & Graphics

Generally, some might think that branding with signs just means the exterior of businesses. It doesn't. It means branding your business from the outside, in. It's just as important to have sig...[Read More]
Green Sign Company GSC 200 750 Series Channel Letters

City of Greensburg City Hall - GSC 200 - 750 Series - Interior Logo Channel Letter

Our hometown City Hall building received a fresh remodel by the end of Summer 2021! Included in this was some signs by our team. The City of Greensburg has been a generous partner with Green Signs for...[Read More]

AccuDoc-GSC 200/750 Series- Interior Main ID Sign

Branding doesn't have to just be on the outside, it's encouraged to be on the inside as well! Add an awesome creative touch to the interior with an interior halo lit main ID sign! Fits perfect...[Read More]
Halo Lit Main ID Interior Sign

Crum Trucking-GSC 200/750 Series-Custom Interior Branding

For this project, Green Sign Company worked with long-time customer, Crum Trucking, to help them brand the interior of their building. This custom branding was made of brushed stainless steel channel ...[Read More]

Pepper Construction Corporate Office-GSC 200/300 Series-Acrylic Lobby Logo

Green Sign Company has been fortunate to have collaborated many times with Pepper Construction on various projects for other businesses that we were so excited to have them become a customer as well! ...[Read More]

Home Bank Martinsville, IN-GSC 200 Series- Interior Dimensional Logo

Green Sign Company is grateful to have been able to help Home Bank with projects at many of their locations. For this project, Green Sign Company installed interior dimensional logos in a couple of Ho...[Read More]

The Studabaker Studios - INTERIOR BRANDING - GSC 200 SERIES

This interior custom wall signage really stands out with brushed metal mounted on a wood surface giving a modern yet professional look for this office space.

Hill Rom Holdings, INC. - Interior Branding - GSC 200 Series

One of the many projects that Green Sign Company has done for Hill-Rom, all across the nation, is updating the interior of their facilities with their brand.

United States Marines - Interior Graphics - GSC 100 / 200 Series

At Green Sign Company we are a proud supporter of our US Military so it was an absolute pleasure to do this job for them. We used high tack, 3M, contour cut, vinyl graphics that we applied to a prefi...[Read More]
GSC 200-750 Green Sign Series Subway Resturants Cincinnati OH

Subway - Interior Branding - GSC 200/750 Series

This interior custom, brushed metal, a dimensional logo for Subway is backed with premium LED lighting, giving it a "halo" glow.

Hill Rom Holdings, INC. - GSC 200/300/750 Series - Internally Illuminated Interior Branding

Hill-Rom is a great client that we've helped with their branding across the nation. On this specific project, we added an internally illuminated sign in the entryway of their Admin building and i...[Read More]

Irwin Union Bank - Interior Branding - GSC 200 / 300 Series

Custom material and color were chosen for each of the multiple locations for Irwin Union Bank interior branding. The dimensional metal letters were secured to the wall with hidden mounting hardware g...[Read More]

Hoppe Jewelers - Interior Branding - GSC 200, 300 Series

Laser cut acrylic letters with a gloss finish and hidden mounting is a simple & clean addition to the interior branding of a jewelry store.

Forefront Dermatology - Interior ADA - GSC 200 Series

The specific ADA signs for Forefront Dermatology include a clear window allowing them to change the name of the office if they ever relocate or rearrange offices.

CraftMark Bakery - Interior Branding - GSC 200 / 300 Series

The entrance for CraftMark Bakery lobby really makes a statement about the quality and craftsmanship of their bakery. Our designers and fabricators decided to use brushed metal for the dimensional lo...[Read More]

Reliable Transportation Solutions - Interior Branding - GSC 100, 200, 300 Series

The interior branding on this project really changed the entire atmosphere of the Reliable Transportation Solutions office. This was a fun project that included positive and inspirational quotes on t...[Read More]

Fort Mitchell Veterinary Center - Interior Branding - GSC 200, 300, & 600 Series

The interior wall logo for the Fort Mitchell Veterinary Center is a great and affordable sign made from routered PVC and covered with 3M vinyl graphics.

Even Flow Corporate - Interior Graphics - GSC 100 / 200 Series

Even Flow Corporate worked with Green Sign Company designers to create cool window graphics that allowed for some transparency and some privacy. After many sample runs and design revisions, we accomp...[Read More]

Fountain City Wesleyan Church - Etched Vinyl Graphic - GSC 100 Series

Etched Vinyl is a great way to add a subtle yet a powerful message on your windows, that can be viewed from the interior or exterior of your facility.