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GSC 600 Series
Tim's Wrecker Service - Custom Main ID

Tim's Wrecker Service - GSC 600 Series - Custom Internally Illuminated Main ID Sign

After many producing many custom graphics for their tow trucks, Tim's Wrecker Service decided it was time for a Main ID sign. This new addition is going to be a great asset to Tim's Wrecker Service be...[Read More]
JCBank - Custom Internally Illuminated Monument Sign

JCBank - GSC 600 Series - Internally Illuminated Monument Sign

This custom Monument sign was installed in Bloomington, IN by our GSC technicians! JCBank was in need of a new sign after theirs was brutally demolished by a bus! Monument Signs are a great way to ide...[Read More]
Blue River Estates - Custom Main ID

Blue River Estates - GSC 600 Series - Internally Illuminated Main ID Sign

Blue River Estates is a home park located in Edinburgh, IN. Our customer was looking for a sign that would match well with their property. We were happy to help and suggested an internally illuminated...[Read More]
BCSC - Columbus Virtual Pathways - Single Sided Internally Illuminated Wall ID Signs

BCSC - Columbus Virtual Pathway - GSC 600 Series - Internally Illuminated Wall ID Signs

Bartholomew County School Corporation has been an amazing customer of ours for just a short time now and we are always so fortunate to complete custom jobs for them. This one specifically, BCSC added ...[Read More]
450 North Brewing Company - Custom Main ID

450 North Brewing Co. - GSC 600 Series - Custom Internally Illuminated Main ID Sign

This project turned out...amazing!! For this custom internally illuminated sign, our design team was able to come up with a look that was unique specifically to this business and their industry! 450 N...[Read More]

Home Bank Martinsville, IN- GSC 600 Series- Main ID Illuminated Sign

Home Bank has been an amazing customer of ours recently! We've been privileged enough to help them with multiple of their locations! They took our advice and branded their building from the outside in...[Read More]

North Decatur Elementary School-GSC 600 Series-Custom Internally Illuminated Sign

We recently completed a custom internally illuminated sign for a local school in Decatur County! They wanted something that really added creativity to the front of their school, so they chose us to he...[Read More]

Hickory Hillz BBQ-GSC 750 Series-Channel Letters

We had the amazing opportunity to work with Hickory Hill BBQ and help them come up with some branding for their location in Franklin, IN. These GSC 750 Series signs are made with an aluminum extrusion...[Read More]

Jibs BBQ-GSC 750 Series-Main Wall ID Sign

Jibs BBQ, a family-owned restaurant in Franklin, Indiana, had Green Sign Company help design and install their latest addition! This Main Wall ID sign is internally illuminated so that it can be seen ...[Read More]

Insure Choices-GSC 600 Series-Cabinet Sign Main ID

Green Sign Company had the awesome opportunity to help design and install this simple yet unique sign! Main ID signs are extremely useful tools that can be used by any business! They help customers lo...[Read More]

Summit Cleaners-GSC 600 Series-Internally Illuminated Sign

Internally Illuminated signs are perfect for grabbing customer attention both day and night! They allow for your sign to be easily seen and allow for your business to grab first impressions literally ...[Read More]

Pudder's Pub-GSC 600 Series- Internally Illuminated Flag Mount Sign

Along with other types of branding, Pudder's chose to go with GSC 600 Series of internally illuminated signs! This sign's style is a flag mount and allows for the business to be seen a lot eas...[Read More]

Bru Burger-GSC 600 & 775 Series- Internally Illuminated Logo with LED Accent Lighting

Green Sign Company had the amazing opportunity to do work for multiple Bru Burger locations. This specific one in Lexington, Kentucky, had a custom sign made to complement the exterior of the building...[Read More]

Anytime Fitness/Starbucks-GSC 650 Series-Internally Illuminated Multi-Tenant Sign

On one of the main and most busy streets of Columbus, Indiana, Green Sign Company had the opportunity to help design and install a sign that would provide notice for two businesses. This sign is a dou...[Read More]


Great team project of working with Schneck Medical, Architect, and Pepper Construction. We did a complete hospital branding and wayfinding sign program but this part of the project consisted of GSC 6...[Read More]


Green Sign Company's designers helped Home Bank in Mooresville IN get a new and improved updated double-faced internally illuminated main ID sign to bring in customers, making this company hard to...[Read More]

Napoleon State Bank (Westport) - Internally Illuminated & Interior Branding - GSC 300, 400 & 600 Series

At the Napoleon State Bank location in Westport, IN, Green Sign Company designed and fabricated a custom internally illuminated pylon accompanied by a main wall ID on the exterior and directional sign...[Read More]


The Peoples Bank updated signage at their Seymour locations consists of current branding design as well as a double sided electronic message center that allows important information such as rates on l...[Read More]

Saint Gabriel Catholic Church - Lighted Monumnet Sign with Marquee - GSC 600 Series

This double-sided, internally illuminated monument sign was thoughtfully designed to be complimentary to the beautiful architecture and high arch windows of the building. This sign was designed with ...[Read More]
Attic SelfStor - Custom Internally Illuminated Main ID Monument Sign

Attic SelfStor - Internally Illuminated - GSC 600 Series

This double-sided, internally illuminated sign is an inexpensive way to brand your business. Like many of our larger lighted signs, these smaller signs are internally illuminated with premium LED lig...[Read More]
GSC Green Sign Company 750 Series Internally Illuminated Channel Letters Wood-Mizer Batesville IN

Wood-Mizer - Internally Illuminated - GSC 750 Series

When Wood-Mizer moved into their new location right next to I-74 they knew that they wanted to be seen from a distance. With the bright orange of their logo and internal illumination, you can see the...[Read More]
GSC 600 Green Sign Company Series El Reparo Liberty IN

El Reparo - Internally Illuminated Flag Mount -GSC 600 Series

This flag mounted sign is constructed of aluminum, primed and painted with automotive grade paint. The translucent graphics allow for the internal illumination to sign through giving this sign an eye...[Read More]

Centra Credit Union - Internally Illuminated - GSC 600 Series

This exquisite sign is composed of pan formed, UV protected, polycarbonate sign faces and 2nd surface translucent, vinyl graphics. The interior of the sign cabinet is fitted with premium LED illumina...[Read More]

Outlook Christian Church - Internally Illuminated Monument - GSC 600 Series

This double-sided sign is internally illuminated with low voltage LED lighting, push through acrylic logo and lettering covered with 1st surface translucent vinyl, and primed and painted with automoti...[Read More]

Christie Family Dentistry - Internally Illuminated - GSC 600 Series

This double-sided, internally illuminated monument sign is mounted on a mason base. The low wattage LED lighting partnered with premium 1st surface translucent graphics to give this sign a beautiful ...[Read More]

MS Companies - Internally Illuminated - GSC 600 Series

A fair amount of our businesses with storefront require channel letters on their facade. The majority of channel letters are made from aluminum, acrylic, vinyl and illuminated with premium LED lighti...[Read More]

B&B Tooling - GSC 600 Series

The new custom designed, internally illuminated, Main Entry ID for B & B Tooling represents the quality of this custom tool shop. The CNC routered logo and text is backed with push thru acrylic, ...[Read More]
GSC 750 Series internally illuminated channel letters freddy's westfield, IN

Freddy's - Internally Illuminated Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

Green Signs has worked with Freddy's Steakburger in multiple locations. On the Westfield, IN location we not only installed awnings for them but we installed the internally illuminated channel le...[Read More]

Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc. - Internally Illuminated Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

Hill-Rom is a great client that we've helped with their branding across the nation. On this specific project, we added an internally illuminated sign on the exterior of their Irvine, CA location.

Accudoc Urgent Care - Pylon Sign - GSC 600 Series

This Urgent Care hi-rise, pylon sign was one of the many signs that we have manufactured and installed for AccuDoc. This 96 square foot internally illuminated sign, has an all-aluminum exterior that ...[Read More]

Sandman Bro Auto Dealership - LED RetoFit - GSC 600 & 775 Series

When refurbishing an old sign into a new look, we recommend retrofitting the old sign. This is a very cost-effective way of adding value to your business, it also will save time and money with local ...[Read More]

Milan Church - Internally Illuminated - GSC 600 Series

The Milan United Methodist Church is an internally illuminated sign with a manual marque and has a vandal cover.

Waynesburg Church - Internally Illuminated Monument - GSC 600 Sign Series

This brick monument sign is internally illuminated with a manual marquee, that has vandal cover and a custom decorative topper.
GSC 600 Series Main ID Church Sign Hopes Point Shelbyville IN

Hope's Point Church - Internally Illuminated Monument Sign - GSC 600 Series

This sign is made of routered aluminum that is backed with acrylic covered with a diffuser vinyl to help disburse the internal lighting evenly for the flawless glow.
GSC 600 Series Internally Illuminated Pylon Sign Mainsource Bank Anderson IN

MainSource Bank - Internally Illuminated Pylon Sign - GSC 600 Series

This main ID sign that we manufactured for MainSource Bank has an internal steel structure with an aluminum exterior. We routered out the logo and backed it with 3M 1st surface vinyl with premium ill...[Read More]
First Financial Bank

First Financial - Internally Illuminated Pylon Sign - GSC 600 Series

This aluminum cabinet with internal steel support with a custom engineered foundation is part of our GSC 600 Series. Its translucent sign faces with embossed logo and letters is internally illuminate...[Read More]

Cummins, INC. - Internally Illuminated Monument Sign - GSC 600 Series

This internally illuminated monument sign is part of our GSC 600 series. This sign has a custom translucent face with laser cut dimensional acrylic logo and lettering. We also use premium LED illumi...[Read More]
GSC 600 Series Internally Illuminated Faurecia Wall Sign Columbus Indiana

Faurecia Emmissions Control Technologies - Internally Illuminated Sign - GSC 600 Series

We have completed many projects for Faurecia over the years, but our favorite is the Internally Illuminated Wall cabinet that we installed. It has a simple sleek design that can be seen from a vast di...[Read More]