Franchise Signs

Burger King (Greenwood, IN): Custom Restaurant Building Signs, Channel Letters, & Hi Rise Sign

Burger King (Greenwood, IN) - GSC 600 750 Series - Restaurant Signs

One of our install crews traveled to Greenwood, Indiana to install this collection of signs for Burger King! Installed were an internally illuminated pylon/hi rise sign (GSC 600 Series), three interna...[Read More]

Greensburg Dominos - GSC 750 Series - Lighted Hi Rise Sign

Greensburg Dominos got a face lift! Branding for this location includes a Hi-Rise sign, Channel Letters, & Channel Logos!

Brookville Subway - GSC 750 Series - Channel Letters

The GSC install team traveled to Brookville, IN to install new channel letters for Subway! Subway has been undergoing a rebranding campaign and we are fortunate to have participated with the install! ...[Read More]
Indianapolis Cuvler's: Internally Illuminated Channel Letters

Indianapolis Culver's - GSC 750 Series - Internally Illuminated Channel Letters

The Green Sign Company install crew traveled to Indianapolis Indiana to install three sets of internally illuminated channel letters. These signs are a part of our GSC 750 series!
Liberty Subway: Custom Restaurant Pylon Faces

Liberty Subway - GSC 600 Series - Custom Pylon Faces

Liberty Subway reached out to our team needing some new faces for their pylon sign! As you can see in the photos, these signs are internally illuminated with LEDs. This sign is a member of our GSC 600...[Read More]
Seymour Culver's: Lighted Hi Rise Sign

Culver's Restaurant - GSC 600 Series - Lighted Hi-Rise Restaurant Sign

Out with the old and in with the new! This hi-rise sign received a makeover!! Our install team removed the old sign cabinet and installed the new Culver's sign cabinet! With this height, people wi...[Read More]