General Signs

GSC 300 Series

Utz Inc.-GSC 300 Series-Wall ID Signs

Simple yet effective, this sign helps people traveling to the location know they are in the right spot. Sign visibility is a big part of helping a business gather business. This sign itself has an alu...[Read More]

Home Bank Martinsville, IN- GSC 300 Series- Exterior Dimensional Wall Logo

Green Signs Company has been so thankful to have many opportunities to work with Home Bank at their many locations. At the Martinsville location, Green Sign Company installed an exterior dimensional w...[Read More]

Honda Federal Credit Union-GSC 300 Series-Entrance Wall ID

Green Signs Company is thankful that Honda/Honda Federal Credit Union has chosen to have many of their projects done through our company. Though the sign is simple, it adds character to the exterior o...[Read More]


With using our GSC 300 Series these stunning premium satin brushed aluminium exterior flag poles add the perfect touch to the outside of this building. The flag design continues to flow into the insid...[Read More]

Laughing Horse Farm - Hand Crafted Dimensional - GSC 300 Series

This sign was made from High-Density Urethane, that we sand etched, and painted giving it a creative and dimensional look.
GSC 300 Series Temporary Site Sign CVS Pharmacy Westfield IN

CVS Pharmacy - Temporary Site Sign - GSC 300 Series

Temporary site signs are made from poly-metal sign panels and decorated with digitally printed vinyl graphics. We mount these specific signs on treated lumber and provide professional installation as ...[Read More]

Hillenbrand Industries - Wall Logo, Lettering, & Cabinet - GSC 300/400 Series

Green Sign Company recently traveled to southern Tennessee to install lettering, logo, and cabinet on the facade of Hillenbrand Industries building. These simple letters, logo were made from PVC and ...[Read More]
GSC Custom Flag Pole Bob Poynter Seymour IN

Bob Poynter - Flag Pole Installation

Green Sign Company has done multiple different projects for Bob Poynter and one of our favorites was installing the 80-foot flagpole in their parking lot.

CraftMark Bakery - Temporary Site Sign - GSC 300 Series

Temporary site signs are made from poly-metal sign panels and decorated with digitally printed vinyl graphics. We mount these specific signs on treated lumber and provide professional installation as...[Read More]

Richmond Eye Center - Polished Metal Logo & Letters - GSC 300 Series

Dimensional signage always adds value and attention to your business and brand. Green Sign Company uses polished metal finish, & dimensional metal logo and letters to provide our customers with a...[Read More]

American Family Insurance - GSC 300, 775, 1000 Series

Green Sign Company helped upgrade the facade from the beginning. We worked with the building owner to help pick colors and design attractive signage, lighting, and awnings, all while following the hi...[Read More]

Dr. Eversole DDS - Wall and Ground Signs - GSC 300 & 600 Series

This specific sign package includes long-lasting metal letters with a polished metal face with returns and internally illuminated monument style sign.

Weigel Funeral Home - Exterior Branding - GSC 300 & 400 Series

The sign package that Green Signs organized for Weigel Funeral Home includes a dimensional main wall ID fabricated from PVC letters with hidden mounting hardware.

Milestone - Non-Illuminated Panel - GSC 300 Series

Most construction sites are temporary and require an inexpensive way to brand their equipment. Green Sign Company offers non-lit aluminum sign panels decorated with premium 3M Vinyl graphics for Mile...[Read More]

Columbus Parks - Dimensional Wall Logo & Lettering - GSC 300 Series

The Columbus Park Foundation dimensional wall logo and lettering was made from routered out aluminum, painted with automotive grade paint and finished with a clear coat for extra protection from the e...[Read More]

Faurecia Emmissions Control Technologies - Line Signs - GSC 200 / 300 Series

Faurecia uses line signs in their manufacturing facility to help with production and organization. These budget-friendly, trifold, boards allow changeable magnetic production notes to be added and re...[Read More]

Patriotic American Flags - GSC 300 Series

Green Sign Company proudly supports our country and its flag. We would love to install an American Flag on the side of your building or install your flagpole & flag.

Cross County Plaza - Changeable Banner - GSC 110 Series

Green Signs can mount banners on a rigid, aluminum frame system, allowing for inexpensive updates to keep your business looking fresh.
GSC 300 Series - Dimensional Metal Church Letters - United Methodist Church

United Methodist Church - Dimensional Metal Wall Letters - GSC 300 Series

Green Sign Company has done a few projects for the Greensburg United Methodist Church. These dimensional letters are made of cast aluminum, painted with automotive grade paint and stud mounted.