Youngs Creek Park - GSC 450 600E 750 Series - Branding Package

This project was such an experience to be a part of! Franklin Indiana added an Amphitheatre to their community! They needed some signs to help identify the new attraction and some to help people navigate the new area! They reach out to our team and we got to work! Both teams united, we came up with a design that the City of Franklin loved. Once we had their approval, our fabrication team got to work on the custom signs for the new park. These signs are fabricated using steel, aluminum, vinyl, and automotive grade paint. The main ID sign features custom halo lit channel letters and an electronic message center. After fabrication, our install team transported the signs to the job location and installed them. A couple of things to point out about these amazing signs, the Main ID Sign with an electronic message center in it is going to be a major asset to not only the park administration but to the community as a whole. This EMC is going to be a communication point between the two so that anyone and everyone knows what activities are going on in the park at any time! The wayfinding/directional signs are going to be vital as this Amphitheater attracts visitors from outside of Franklin! They may need assistance navigating the area and these signs are going to help them!