Osgood, Indiana

Southeastern Indiana REMC: Custom Internally Illuminated Wall ID

Southeastern Indiana REMC - GSC 750 Series - Internally Illuminated Wall ID

To go along with their brand new building, Southeastern Indiana REMC also got a couple of new signs! This sign is a GSC 750 Series Internally Illuminated Wall ID Sign! It's fabricated of aluminum, acrylic, vinyl graphics, and automotive grade paint.

Napoleon State Bank: Custom Interior Wall Logo

The Napoleon State Bank - GSC 200 Series - Custom Interior Wall Logo

The GSC install team traveled to Osgood, IN to install this interior wall ID sign for The Napoleon State Bank! NSB has been an awesome customer and partner of ours for some time now and we're always thankful for their trust in us with their projects and their support. For this job specifically, our team met with NSB's team and they shared their ideas for this interior wall. They worked with our design team and once they approved a design it went back to our in-house fabrication team. After the sign was complete, our install team loaded it up, took it to site, and installed the sign! It looks awesome and adds a unique touch to the interior wall.

Tax Services & More: Custom Hanging Main ID Sign

Tax Services & More - GSC 400/750 Series - Custom Hanging Main ID Cabinet Sign

Southeastern Indiana REMC: Custom Main ID with Electronic Message Center

Southeastern Indiana REMC - GSC 600E Series - Custom Main ID with Electronic Message Center

Southeastern Indiana REMC, located in Osgood, Indiana, built a new building in 2022 and were in need of new signs for the property. Their team reached out to ours and we worked together to help them come up with designs that would compliment the new look. Once a design was approved, our fabrication team started constructing the sign. This sign is in our GSC 600E Series - Main ID Sign with Electronic Message Center. These signs are cabinets built with internally illumination with a steel cage inside to hold an electronic message center. Electronic Message Centers, as of 2022, are becoming increasingly more and more popular due to their versatility and lifetime. They are a great asset to any business because they can help convey messages that can result in increased profits! After the construction of the sign was complete, one of our teammates preprograms the sign with some content so that the digital sign has something on it. No one likes a blank screen. Then, the sign was taken to the job site for install by install team. Post install, if SEIREMC needs any maintenance done to the sign or needs new signs, we have them covered. You'll Love Seeing Your Brand Come To Life!

Billie's Looking Good - GSC 1000 Series - Custom Awnings

For this job, our team helped Billie's Looking Good, a small business in Osgood, Indiana, create a custom awning for the facade of the building. This custom awning features a staple-in system to give the awning a clean look. Our awnings are fabricated to be a long lasting product and are designed so that lighting can be installed underneath.

Jac-Cen-Del Community Schools- Main ID with Electronic Message Center

Our Green Sign install team traveled to Osgood, IN for this project. This custom sign was made with the schools colors and topped with their mascot. It is an Internally Illuminated cabinet with our American brand Electronic Message Center. This sign will be a great asset to the schools because the electronic message center is completely programmable so the school can present the community with upcoming events such as as sporting event times, PTO meetings, and so much more. Another great tip for these signs are that they can be programmed to either dim or shut off entirely at certain times if the community requests it.


Done Right Diesel - LED Retro Fit - GSC 775 Series

Refurbishing this old sign for Done Right Diesel was a cost-effective way to give their business a fresh new look. We replaced the faces of the sign and covered them with translucent vinyl and upgraded the lighting with energy efficient LED lighting.

GSC 300 Series Dimensional Wall Letters and Logo Margaret Mary Health Osgood IN

Margaret Mary Health - Dimensional Letters & Logo - GSC 300 Series

Our professional team manufactured and installed these individual hand cast aluminum letters for Margaret Mary Hospital for their multiple locations in southeast Indiana.

Done Right Diesel - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series