Our Story

Green Sign Company was established in 1971 by William “Billy” Green. From its inception, the combination of creativity and innovative style has put Green Sign Company into a class of its own. After Bill’s passing in 1986, Bill’s 15-year-old son, Shawn, took over the family business.

Upon graduating high school in 1989; Shawn focused all of his energy on growing the family business. While honing his craft, Shawn continued to educate himself on all aspects of the sign industry. By attending workshops, seminars, and conventions, Shawn and the creative Green Sign Team was able to gain the knowledge needed to grow Green Sign Company into the solid, reputable business that you see today.

What You Can Expect Working with the GSC Team

When you've decided it's time to purchase a sign or other product for your business, you can send us an email (Contact Tab) or call us! It doesn't matter if you've worked with us before, bought a sign before, or are completely new to the process, we will help you identify the perfect sign for your business! We're dedicated to your business' success! Here's what the process of working with our team looks like.

  1. Once you've reached out to us, you'll be directed to the sales representative that covers your area.
  2. They'll talk to you to see what kind of products you're interested in for your business. If you're not sure what product you're wanting, don't worry! Our sales team can help give you ideas! Your rep. will schedule a meeting with you to better understand your wants and needs.  
  3. During this meeting, you'll further discuss the sign that you're interested in and/or they will help give suggestions as to what sign might work the best for you! They'll also discuss what budget you have in mind for the project. Measurements and photos are helpful. 
  4. After this meeting, the rep. will meet with one of our award-winning designers and go over what was discussed in your meeting with the rep. 
  5. The designer will put together a couple of design options for the sales rep. to review with you and your team along with the pricing. 
  6. If there are any revisions that are needed on the chosen design, let the sales rep. know! They'll help make sure that the revisions stay within your desired budget! 
  7. The designer will make the final revisions to the design and once we have your final approval, we'll take care of everything and communicate with you along the way. 
  8. The designer will make permitting and production layouts, then send them to the appropriate departments. 
  9. Our permit coordinator will work with either your city or county to acquire the necessary permitting for the sign. 
  10. The design and engineering department will work together with our processor to make sure all needed materials and equipment are ordered for your project. 
  11. The production manager and the sales rep. will work together to figure out when your install date will be based on current jobs in cue, where your job is in the production stage, and when you were looking to have it installed. 
  12. Once the permit and materials are received, your project will go into production. 
  13. After your project is completely through production, our install team will transport your project to site and install. 
  14. After installation, your sales rep. will check in with you to make sure all is going well. If something comes up with the project sometime post install, give us a call and our team will get a solution! 

We're sure that while working with our team, you won't have to worry or stress about us completing the job on time. You also won't have to worry about the integrity of your brand being compromised. It's important to us that your brand stays consistent throughout the entirety of your business! 

Our Mission & Promise

Creating success since 1971 for our Clients, Families, and Communities: We learn from our valuable past, review this, continue to train, strive on sharing our creative knowledge as a team for our select Clientele and Team. All while maintaining an ethical and profitable way for everyone.

Our Value & Goals

  • Keeping our work family & culture well maintained.
  • Hard Work, Creative, Craftsmanship, Competitive, Respectful, Efficient, & Safe
  • Pride, Loyalty, Appreciation, & Personal Accountability
  • Teamwork, Non-Judgemental, Helpful, Continuously Learning, & Growing
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