Image Makeovers

Not attracting as many customers as you use to? Trying to attract new customers? It' may be time to say out with the old and in with the new. Signage is a remarkable marketing tatic that can be easily overlooked at times. It's is recommended that a company's brand should be updated every 5-7 years. Giving your business a fresh, fun new look can turn the heads of current, new, and even locals that sadly forgot about you. Making these changes but still keeping the integrity of the brand can be a challenge, so our team is here to make that process easier for you. Maintaining your brand is important to you, so it's important to us! With talented designers available, we can be sure to work with you and your team to help update your signs and/or logos to ensure the integrity is maintained but also strikes interest with new and current customers. 

Our most popular items right now are, Programmable LED Signs or Outdoor Digital Signs. These signs allow you to communicate with those passing by just using a wireless broadband connection! Create fun, interesting, creative images to be displayed on the sign and keep customers updated on current information about your business! 

Electronic Message Centers - GSC 600E Series

As you can see the sign placement, color, size and font of these original signs was nearly impossible to read. Upgrading was definitely what was needed to improve branding and keep the community informed with an Electronic Message Center.

Vehicle Graphics and Decals - GSC 100 Series

At Green Sign Company we have found wrapping your company vehicle(s) to be one the most effective ways to market your brand. There are many different ways to use vinyl graphics on your vehicle(s), such as full or partial wraps or even just a few decals can be added.

Internally Illuminated Multi-Tenant Signs - GSC 650 Series

When your Multi-Tenant sign is in need of repair it impacts more than just one business, it impacts the brand of the entire plaza.

Illuminated Ground, Wall, Pylon Signs - GSC 600 Series

Grab the attention of the motorist passing by from dusk until dawn with an illuminated sign. Green Sign Co. uses the latest technology in LED lighting that will brighten your sign to give your property a special glow.

Interior Branding - GSC 100/200 Series

Branding your business is just as important on the inside as it is on the outside! With the wide variety of creativity that is possible with interior branding, you can do pretty much anything with it!

Non-illuminated Informational Signs - GSC 400 Series

Non-Illuminated Informational Signs are a cost-effective way to inform your customers, clients, or students on where you are located.

Awnings & Canopies - GSC 1000 Series

Green Sign Company can provide your business a custom-made aluminum frame awning with fabric, vinyl and metal cover options. Our awnings average 7 years and the aluminum frames could last a lifetime. For a commercial look, we can add LED lights inside the awning to illuminate the graphics and provide down lighting for added security.

Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

Brighten up your business at night with internally illuminated or "halo" glow channel letters. We use the newest technology in LED illumination, and proper configuration to give the channel letter the perfect ambiance.