Logansport Cass County Chamber of Commerce - GSC 400 Series - Custom Main ID & Wayfinding Signs

Logansport Cass County Chamber of Commerce reached out to our team because they were wanting signs for their industrial park. They were looking for a solution for Semi Drivers and other visitors to help them better navigate the area. The process began with a consult. The Area Account Representative visited the customer on location to gather their ideas and needs for the area. The Area Account Rep. then brought the customer's ideas and needs to our design team so they could put together a preliminary design. The Area Account Rep. then presented those preliminary designs to the customer. The customer approved a design option and the Area Account Rep. let the design team know of the decision. The Design Team put together the final design layouts, got customer approval, and then set the designs to our in-house production engineer. The PE took the designs and translated them into production layouts. Then the PE handed the job off to our in-house production team. They got started fabricating the sign. Once the sign was finished, our install team took the sign to the job location and installed it! We don't stop there, though. Our team is dedicated to the success of our customers and that means ensuring their sign continues to look great even after install. Should the customer have any issues with their sign, we'll be there to help them out. How It's Made: GSC 400 Series Custom Non Lit Main ID Sign - This sign is fabricated using aluminum for the frame and the coverings. After the sign is built, it then gets our automotive grade paint with a nuance finish. Lastly, it received custom graphics on either side of the sign. GSC 400 Series Custom Architectural Post Panel Directional Sign - These signs were fabricated with aluminum for the poles and the sign face. After they were built, the signs got painted with our automotive grade paint. Finally, they received their custom graphics on the sign face.