Ivy Tech Community College (Franklin) - GSC 100 Series - Custom Perforated Window Graphics

Ivy Tech has been a long time friend and customer of Green Sign Company and we're always eager to see what kind of new projects they have for us! For this job, our account rep. met with them to discuss what their goals and ideas were and then surveys were taken of the windows. Then, our account rep. met with our in-house design team and relayed what Ivy Tech wanted for this project. Our design team then began working along side of the Ivy Tech team to collaborate on the best design for their project. Once they approved a final design, our production team got to work! These window graphics are digitally printed perforated vinyl window graphics! They are a part of our GSC 100 Series. The cool thing about this type of window graphic is that they are a great way to advertise and add additional privacy and security! Those on the outside can't see through to the inside while those inside can see out! After the production process was complete, our install team took the graphics to Ivy Tech Franklin and installed them! We're so thankful for our friendship with Ivy Tech and their consistent trust and support in our team!