Decatur County Memorial Hospital - GSC 110 Series - Custom Medical Banners

Decatur County Memorial Hospital reached out to our team needing some custom banners for an event. They've been a long-time client and partner of ours and we're always so fortunate for their trust in us! Their team met with their account rep. from our team to discuss what the banners needed to look like, say, and what size they needed to be. Then, our rep. brought that information to our design team so they could create the custom super imposed layouts for their approval. Once we had DCMH's approval on the designs, our in-house graphics team got to work making the banners. These banners are a part of our GSC 110 Series and are digitally printed on premium vinyl for durability. After they were complete, our install team took them to location and installed them per DCMH's request. They look amazing and we're so thankful for DCMH's unwavering support!