Keller Williams - GSC 650 Series - Custom Internally Illuminated Multi Tenant Sign

As promised, here are the completed photos of the Keller Williams Multi Tenant Sign! This sign is a member of our GSC 650 Series and internally illuminated! Multi Tenant Signs are just as the name states, a sign for multiple tenants. This is a great sign for shopping complexes or, in this case, a building with multiple businesses. The sign is built so that if a tenant leaves the building and new one comes in, the old panels can be easily exchanged with new ones for the new tenant. For this project, Keller Williams reached out needing a sign for their building. Our account rep. for Greensburg met with their team at location to discuss what their goals and ideas were for the new sign. They took surveys of the area where the new sign was to be located and then all of this information was brought back to our design team. They were about to use this information to create a few different superimposed design options. Once Keller Williams approved a design, our production team got started building the sign. This sign was brought to life with aluminum, polycarbonate, vinyl, automotive grade paint, and premium LEDs installed internally to light up the faces at night! After production was complete, our install team took the sign to site and installed it.