Milan Community Schools - GSC 200 & 300 Series - Custom Interior School Gym Branding

School branding is important for multiple reasons! For one, school branding is what differentiates your school from other schools! Second, it helps increase school spirit and helps schools for connected to their school! Milan High School reached out to our team wanting to add more branding to their school gym! Our account representative for their area met with them to discuss their goals and ideas for the new branding! The rep. then took measurements and photos of the install area to take back to our design team! Using the measurements and photos, our designers were able to come up with a few different custom options to present to the Milan High School team! After they decided on their design, our production team got started building the signs! These signs are part of our GSC 200 & 300 Series signs! They are interior wall ID signs! Their purpose is to help identify a specific area in the school to help staff, students, and visitors find the location! After the signs were complete, our install team took the signs to site and installed them!!