Churches, synagogues, and congregations rely on good signage to keep the community informed about upcoming events. A well designed, properly placed sign can generate thousands of impressions while helping build awareness throughout the community.

Our design team at Green Sign Company can provide eye-catching signs on your premises to help you convey your message to the community that you serve.

Saint Gabriel Catholic Church - Lighted Monumnet Sign with Marquee - GSC 600 Series

This double-sided, internally illuminated monument sign was thoughtfully designed to be complimentary to the beautiful architecture and high arch windows of the building. This sign was designed with a marque to enable better communication to its community members and is mounted on a concrete base. An added touch is a carefully selected non lit prayer on the backside of the monument for multiple viewing angles.

United Methodist Church - Changable Banners - GSC 110 Series

These heavy-duty vinyl banners can last a very long time by changing them out. The Greensburg United Methodist Church change their banners with the seasons giving the banners more longevity. It is a great way to provide a new fresh look to the facade of your business, church, school, etc.

Outlook Christian Church - Internally Illuminated Monument - GSC 600 Series

This double-sided sign is internally illuminated with low voltage LED lighting, push through acrylic logo and lettering covered with 1st surface translucent vinyl, and primed and painted with automotive grade paint.


Rising Sun Church of Christ - Electronic Message Center - GSC 600E Series

Rising Sun Church of Christ keeps their patrons, students, and community informed with an electronic message center.

Tandy-Eckler Riley Funeral Home - Monument - GSC 800 Series

Monument signs are an upscale, inexpensive way to brand your facility. Tandy-Eckler Riley's monument sign is composed of a stucco background, and dimensional PVC letters covered with premium 3M vinyl.

Weigel Funeral Home - Exterior Branding - GSC 300 & 400 Series

The sign package that Green Signs organized for Weigel Funeral Home includes a dimensional main wall ID fabricated from PVC letters with hidden mounting hardware.

GSC 600E Series Internally Illuminated Main ID with Electronic Message Center

Faith Christian School - Electronic Message Center - GSC 600E Series

Faith Community Church and Christian School in Greenwood, IN keeps their patrons, students, and community informed with an electronic message center.


United Methodist Church - Changeable Flag Mounted Banners - GSC 110 Series

These flag mounted, changeable banners with decorative brackets are perfect for a business or facility that would like to update they facade with the changing of the seasons.


Fountain City Wesleyan Church - Etched Vinyl Graphic - GSC 100 Series

Etched Vinyl is a great way to add a subtle yet a powerful message on your windows, that can be viewed from the interior or exterior of your facility.


St. Louis Catholic School -GSC 400 Series-Main ID Sign

After many good years with the handcrafted sign, St. Louis Catholic Church, located in Batesville, Indiana, redesigned their sign to give it a more updated, modern appearance. It's a double-sided main ID ground sign with premium aluminum faces designed to give it a stucco style look. With a fresh updated look and different materials, this sign is sure to give them many more good years!


Milan Church - Internally Illuminated - GSC 600 Series

The Milan United Methodist Church is an internally illuminated sign with a manual marque and has a vandal cover.


Waynesburg Church - Internally Illuminated Monument - GSC 600 Sign Series

This brick monument sign is internally illuminated with a manual marquee, that has vandal cover and a custom decorative topper.

GSC 400 Series Directional Sign United Methodist Church Greensburg IN

United Methodist Church - Wayfinding Signs - GSC 400 Series

Wayfinding Signs are a great addition to branding your property. Green Sign Company can help you design something that is inviting and informative, to help your guests and patrons move through your store, church, hospital, facility, or industry with ease.

GSC 300 Series - Dimensional Metal Church Letters - United Methodist Church

United Methodist Church - Dimensional Metal Wall Letters - GSC 300 Series

Green Sign Company has done a few projects for the Greensburg United Methodist Church. These dimensional letters are made of cast aluminum, painted with automotive grade paint and stud mounted.

GSC 600 Series Main ID Church Sign Hopes Point Shelbyville IN

Hope's Point Church - Internally Illuminated Monument Sign - GSC 600 Series

This sign is made of routered aluminum that is backed with acrylic covered with a diffuser vinyl to help disburse the internal lighting evenly for the flawless glow.