Indianapolis, Indiana

Culver's Restaurant - GSC 600 Series - Lighted Hi-Rise Restaurant Sign

Out with the old and in with the new! This hi-rise sign received a makeover!! Our install team removed the old sign cabinet and installed the new Culver's sign cabinet! With this height, people will be able to see where this restaurant is for miles!!

Indianapolis Culver's - GSC 750 Series - Internally Illuminated Channel Letters

The Green Sign Company install crew traveled to Indianapolis Indiana to install three sets of internally illuminated channel letters. These signs are a part of our GSC 750 series!

Indianapolis Cuvler's: Internally Illuminated Channel Letters

Indianapolis Culver's - GSC 750 Series - Internally Illuminated Channel Letters

The Green Sign Company install crew traveled to Indianapolis Indiana to install three sets of internally illuminated channel letters. These signs are a part of our GSC 750 series!

Stone Artisans - Custom Partial Trailer Wrap

Stone Artisans - GSC 100 Series - Custom Partial Trailer Wrap

Craft Mark Bakery - Branding Package

Craft Mark - GSC Branding Package

Craft Mark Bakery has been a partner with Green Sign Co. for quite some time now and it has been amazing watching their brand come together the way it has! Their facility is branded through and through. It is the best example as to what a branding package with our team can do for your business! It's important to point out that our Branding Packages are completely custom to each individual customer. So, yours may look different than Craft Mark's and that what's so beautiful about it!

Ameriplex-GSC 500 Series-HDU Custom Made Sign

In Indianapolis, IN, Ameriplex had us help them create a sign for their protected wildlife area! This sign was made using our high density urethane that we engrave with custom designs per our customers. This customer had us create a design that can easily be incorporated in nature. It also was made using our premium automotive grade paint to give it the color and additional durability!

Ameriplex-GSC 450 Series-Architectural Changeable Post Panel

This custom interchangeable post panel sign is made out of aluminum, automotive grade paint, and vinyl graphics. You can also add reflective vinyl to help the sign become more visual during darker hours

Mobile Emergency Communication and Awareness System-GSC 675M Series

Mobile Emergency Communication and Awareness Systems are perfect for getting information out to your community quickly and efficiently. With many uncertainties in the world around us right now, it's comforting to get continuous updates on what is happening in your community. These signs are great for putting in front of hospitals, airports, malls, testing centers, city buildings, and health department buildings. They can display information such as Testing Center hours. With a wireless broadband connection on the system, you can connect from almost anywhere to instantly change Testing Center hours if need be. They can also display information such as health tips to keep you and others safe and aware so that we all can stop the spread. #COVID19 #covid19awarenesssigns #emergencysigns #healthsignsindiana #healthsignsohio #healthsignskentucky

Brooks Striping, Inc.-GSC 100 Series-Vehicle Graphics

Green Sign Company offers custom graphics that can be applied to vehicles, windows, interior walls, and more. For this specific project, GSC had the opportunity to work with Brook Striping, Inc. to come up with a custom design for their new work truck. All of our graphics are made with premium 3M vinyl and are most often installed by our in house professional to ensure that the lifetime of the product is as long as possible.

Pepper Construction Corporate Office-GSC 200&300 Series-Acrylic Lobby Logo

Green Sign Company has been fortunate to have collaborated many times with Pepper Construction on various projects for other businesses that we were so excited to have them become a customer as well! At their corporate office in Indianapolis, they were in need of some interior lobby signage. We added a sign that was made with glossed black acrylic, polished edges, and an automotive-grade finish. With the addition of this sign to their lobby, it really has an overall industrialized look to it. Perfect for the type of industry that they are in.

Bru Burger-GSC 300 Series-Flag Mount Sign

How many times have you walked downtown, visiting different businesses, and noticed that some of them either don't have signs or the signs are hard to see? Flag mount signs help eliminate that issue by literally standing out. Flag Mount signs help businesses' remain visible even when those businesses' are abutted to each other.

Indianapolis Bakery - Conference Room Edge-Lit Logo Sign - GSC 200-600 Edge Series

Very cool and affordable interior edge-lit lighted logo sign. Great for conference room logo signs, lobby signs, wayfinding lighted signs, and more. Green Signs 200 Edge Series is illuminated with low voltage Full Color (RGB) LEDs along the edge of the polished acrylic.


This partial vehicle wrap is a professionally designed, high resolution digitally printed graphic with 3M Laminate with contour cut decals. Staying consistent with the company's brand, this design was thoughtfully crafted to maximize in high visibility with eye catching graphics and clever placement.

Vehicle Wrap Care Instructions - GSC 100 Series

So you have a fantastic new wrap for your business on your vehicle. Now what? How do you take care of it? What are the things you need to do to keep it looking great for as long as possible? For these questions and more check out our Care and Maintenance Guide.

Cummins - Custom Tagline Mural - GSC 100 Series

With this custom hand painted mural of their company tagline, Cummins Indianapolis Headquarters will make a high impact, important first impression to its current and potential customers. This large scale design is located on the ceiling of the walkway that faces the street allowing for high visibility at a safe viewing distance.

UNION 50 - halo illuminated flag mount - GSC 600 / 750 SERIES

Green Sign Company designed, manufactured and installed this modern looking sign cabinet with dimensional channel letters for Union 50 Restaurant.

Green Sign Company Neon Lighting Repair Circle Center Mall Regal Cinema Indianapolis IN

Regal Cinema - Neon Lighting Repair

Green Sign Company has repaired the lighting for Regal Cinemas for many years in multiple locations.

Prime Time Restaurant - Awnings & Canopies - GSC 1000 Series

The main entry dome style Canopy is internally illuminated to help with visibility for patrons entering and exiting the restaurant in the evenings.

Trilithic - Multi Tenant Monument - GSC 850 Series

Monument style signs don't have to be just for single tenant facilities. Green Sign offers different options for multi-tenant signage, the Trilithic sign not only has multiple tenants but also assist with logistics.

Union 50 - Custom Channel Letters - GSC 600 / 750 Series

Green Sign Company designed, manufactured and installed this modern looking sign cabinet with dimensional channel letters for Union 50 Restaurant.

Agresta Storms & O-Leary CPA - Dimensional Handcrafted - GSC 500 Series

One of the many signs that Green Signs created for Agresta, Storms & O'Leary was this HDU sign panel, CNC relief background with raised logo and text.

CraftMark Bakery - Temporary Site Sign - GSC 300 Series

Temporary site signs are made from poly-metal sign panels and decorated with digitally printed vinyl graphics. We mount these specific signs on treated lumber and provide professional installation as well.

CraftMark Bakery - Interior Branding - GSC 200 / 300 Series

The entrance for CraftMark Bakery lobby really makes a statement about the quality and craftsmanship of their bakery. Our designers and fabricators decided to use brushed metal for the dimensional logos and lettering.

Union 50 Restaurant - Interior & Exterior Branding - GSC 200 & 750 Series

This custom sign package goes with the entire design of the restaurant. The interior and exterior signage really gives this business that extra boost of vitality.

LED Area Lights - GSC 775 Series

Multiple low voltages LED lighting options to have an ROI of 18 months or less. Call us for a free proposal to help brighten your brand and save you money.

Patriotic American Flags - GSC 300 Series

Green Sign Company proudly supports our country and its flag. We would love to install an American Flag on the side of your building or install your flagpole & flag.

Bird Nesting in Sign - Maintenance to remove bird nest

Bird Nest Maintenance

We love birds however we understand that your image must be clean and safe our Green Elite Maintenance Agreement solves this problem. Contact us today for more info!

Ameriplex Park: Custom Directional Upgrade

Ameriplex Park - Directional and Branding - GSC 400 Series

This all aluminum exterior sign was primed and painted with automotive grade paint and 3M vinyl decal graphics added. You can also add reflective vinyl graphics to your directional and wayfinding signs to make them illuminate when light hits their surface.


Delta Faucet - Fleet Trailer Graphics - GSC 110 Series

This full color, high-resolution, digitally printed banner with graphics, is mounted on a changeable aluminum frame system which can easily be changed out when needing to be updated.

Stansted Landing: Custom Multi-Tenant Sign

Stanstead Landing - Multi-Tenant Pylon Sign - GSC 650E Series

This custom curved, multi-tenant pylon sign is internally illuminated with Low Voltage LED lighting.

Burger Study: Custom Handpainted Mural Wall ID

Burger Study - Custom Interior Wall Mural

The foundation of this company was started with hand painting and has lived on through the years with many of the projects we do today. Handpainting is one of the many creative specialties that we offer at Green Sign Company.