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Our marketing professionals at Green Sign can assist you with an effective sign and graphics program that will boost your marketing efforts and reflect the style that makes your restaurant unique.

We can create banners, menu boards, elegant architectural ground signs and accents, window and floor graphics that will help you communicate with your diners.

With our creative and unique vehicle graphics you can turn your catering or delivery vehicle into a billboard on wheels. Research studies show that displaying your message on your vehicle generates over 600 visual impressions for every mile driven.
Seymour Culver's: Lighted Hi Rise Sign

Culver's Restaurant - GSC 600 Series - Lighted Hi-Rise Restaurant Sign

Out with the old and in with the new! This hi-rise sign received a makeover!! Our install team removed the old sign cabinet and installed the new Culver's sign cabinet! With this height, people will be able to see where this restaurant is for miles!!

Batesville Dominos: Lighted Hi Rise Restaurant Sign

Dominos - GSC 600 Series - Lighted Hi Rise Restaurant Sign

Max PSI Dominos: Lighted Hi Rise Restaurant Sign

Max PSI Dominos (Greensburg) - GSC 600 Series - Lighted High Rise Sign

Ziggie's Bar & Grill: Custom Internally Illuminated Restaurant Channel Letters

Ziggie's Bar & Grill - GSC 750 Series - Custom Restaurant Channel Letters

Ziggie's Bar & Grill, located in Columbus, IN, needed signs for their restaurant. After our sales team went out to meet with the customer and take a look at their business, our design team began working with the Ziggie's team to come up with a sign that suited their restaurant. Once we had their approval on a design, it went to our fabrication team to be constructed. Finally, it was ready for install. Our install technicians took the sign to location and installed the sign for the customer. This sign is a part of our GSC 750 Series. This sign series is where potential and existing customers will find Internally Illuminated Channel Letters. This sign will help customers of the restaurant locate it with ease in their travels and it will aid Ziggie's staff in promoting the restaurant and getting new customers to enter.

Brookville Indiana Subway - Restaurant Signs - Channel Letters - Channel Logos

Brookville Subway - GSC 750 Series - Channel Letters

The GSC install team traveled to Brookville, IN to install new channel letters for Subway! Subway has been undergoing a rebranding campaign and we are fortunate to have participated with the install! These channel letters look amazing!!

Dominos: Hi-Rise, Channel Letters, & Channel Logos

Dominos - GSC 600 & 750 Series - Channel Letters, Logo and Hi-Rise

Greensburg Dominos got a face lift! Branding for this location includes a Hi-Rise sign, Channel Letters, & Channel Logos!

Cross Country Plaza Batesville Indiana

The Leathery Co. - Cross Country Plaza - GSC 650 Series - Custom Multi-Tenant Sign

For lots that have multiple different businesses, it can be difficult for travelers to locate the business they are trying to get to. Multi-Tenant signs help ease their frustrations and provide a way for all of the businesses to be located at once with one sign. For this project, the customer had Green Sign Company build a multi-tenant sign that highlighted their biggest tenant in the plaza followed by the rest of the tenants. Signs such as this one are awesome because when one tenant leaves, the customer doesn't have to get a whole new sign. They just need to replace that tenant panel.

City of Rushville Farmer's Market: Custom Vinyl Window Graphics

City of Rushville Farmer's Market - GSC 100 Series - Custom Vinyl Window Graphics

To complete the overall look of the City of Rushville Farmer's Market, they added custom vinyl graphics to install on the windows. It's a creative, fun touch to the area and really does complete the look. Custom vinyl graphics are great for adding just a little more to just about anywhere. Expand your creativity and create an atmosphere that truly comes to life when you look at it.

Elks Lodge #1307 - Custom Main ID with Electronic Message Center

Elk's Lodge #1307 - GSC 600E Series - Main ID with Electronic Message Center

Our Electronic Message Centers come in all different sizes! This is an example of a smaller EMC that is still capable of doing everything the larger EMCs can. Being self-dimming, completely programmable, these signs are perfect anywhere you want to have them installed. This project for Elks Lodge is located in the downtown area of Rushville and surrounded by many other businesses and a few houses. Though the EMC dims to 700 nits at night (10,000 nits during the day), some communities still require that the be turned off during specific hours. With the capability to program this, our EMCs are more likely to be permitted in areas where they have strict EMC guidelines!

Carriage on the Square - Branding Package

Carriage on the Square - GSC Branding Package

Carriage on the Square is a local restaurant in Greensburg, Indiana. We've had them as a customer for a while and consider them more friends than customers! Over the years, we've help them produce an entire branding package for their business. Theirs includes a Main ID sign, custom awnings, a hanging polymetal sign, and custom wall art on the side of their building! All together, the building looks amazing with the different types of branding! It's not too much and it really sets it apart from the other businesses on the square. If you are in the Greensburg area and are looking for a local place with great food, try out Carriage on the Square!!

Shelbyville Subway - Custom Branding Package

Subway - GSC 400, 600, 750, & 1000 Custom Branding Package

Subways around the southern Indiana area have been receiving much needed sign and awning upgrades. Subway recently had changed their logo and are working on transitioning all locations with the older colors and logo design to the new one. For the Shelbyville location, they received new directional signs, channel letters, pylon, and awnings! All of these different types of signs tie in together to give it a complete look. Overall, the location with it's new signs and awnings looks amazing!

450 North Brewing Company - Custom Main ID

450 North Brewing Co. - GSC 600 Series - Custom Internally Illuminated Main ID Sign

This project turned out...amazing!! For this custom internally illuminated sign, our design team was able to come up with a look that was unique specifically to this business and their industry! 450 North really made this sign their own by providing their own barrels for the sign! This project was a fun one for our team and was exciting to watch come to life.

Seymour Streetscapes - GSC 750 Series - Custom Selfie Channel Letters

For this unique project, Green Sign Company installed channel letters in the new park! With this sign, visitors can stand on the platform installed to make an exclamation point! This sign creates a fun way for those visiting to interact with the sign! This sign was constructed using aluminum, polycarbonate, and vinyl with LEDs installed on the inside!


The Hall Wedding and Event Center-GSC 600e Series-Internally Illuminated Pylon w/ EMC

This custom sign is an internally illuminated pylon with an electronic message center. Signs like this one are perfect for grabbing attention and sharing information quickly. With our American Brand EMCs, our customers are able to connect to them with a wireless broadband connection and instantaneously change the display on it. With the custom software that comes with the EMC, the possibilities to what you can design are endless.

Ameriplex-GSC 500 Series-HDU Custom Made Sign

In Indianapolis, IN, Ameriplex had us help them create a sign for their protected wildlife area! This sign was made using our high density urethane that we engrave with custom designs per our customers. This customer had us create a design that can easily be incorporated in nature. It also was made using our premium automotive grade paint to give it the color and additional durability!

Hickory Hillz BBQ-GSC 750 Series-Channel Letters

We had the amazing opportunity to work with Hickory Hill BBQ and help them come up with some branding for their location in Franklin, IN. These GSC 750 Series signs are made with an aluminum extrusion, polycarbonate faces, topped with translucent vinyl, and internally illuminated with LED lights! These signs are perfect for grabbing customer attention from dusk till dawn! Hickory Hillz also chose to get a blade sign for there business since it sits on a corner. Blade Signs are great for getting the attentions of those who might not notice a wall sign in a downtown area like Franklin.

Franklin Gateway-GSC 600 Series-Multi-Tenant Hi Rise Pylon

For this huge project, Green Sign Company got the opportunity to create a custom sign that will be used for more than one business! Multi-Tenant signs are great for shopping centers, town plazas/squares, and so much more. Advertise multiple businesses at once. Soaring that high up in the sky, it will be nearly impossible for your business not to be seen.

Skyline Chili-GSC 600 Series-Internally Illuminated Hi-Rise Sign

For this project, Green Sign Company got the opportunity to work at an area favorite, Skyline Chili! We helped them revamp their sign so that they can be seen from miles down I-74!

Jibs BBQ-GSC 750 Series-Main Wall ID Sign

Jibs BBQ, a family-owned restaurant in Franklin, Indiana, had Green Sign Company help design and install their latest addition! This Main Wall ID sign is internally illuminated so that it can be seen both day and night. The business is now much easy to locate from the road and will be able to grab the attention of passerby's with ease.

Zydeco's New Orleans Grill-GSC 600 Series-Flag Mount Wall ID Sign

Green Sign Company had the amazing opportunity to help design and install this beautiful Flag Mount Sign! Flag Mount Signs are perfect for businesses like this one that sit right up against another business. In these situations, wall space is sometimes limited, so Flag Mount signs come in handy and project out toward the road. Still allowing for the business to be seen with a creative design.

Cunningham Restaurants-Stonecreek Dining Company-GSC 600 Series- Hi-Rise/Pylon Sign

Green Sign Company had the amazing opportunity to help Cunningham Restaurants update their Stonecreek Dining Company Signs! They received a fresh look to keep up to date and give an eye-catching display to new and current customers!

D R Real Estate-Subway-GSC 1000 Series-Custom Awning

Subway needed a custom awning, Green Sign Company was ready to help! At Green Sign Company, we offer many different materials, shapes, and sizing options to our customers so that they can go after the design that they are looking for. With the help of our design team, we can assist customers and businesses find their way to the perfect awning for their location!

Pudder's Pub-GSC 700 Series-Exposed Neon Wall Logo

For this project, Green Sign Company got to take on creating a custom neon sign for Pudder's Pub. This sign, in particular, is encased in a black metal wall frame to encapsulate the neon sign. Having the black wall frame makes the neon sign become very distinct inside the restaurant and hard to miss. It also helps to add some fun features to the unique business as well.

Pudder's Pub-GSC 600 Series- Internally Illuminated Flag Mount Sign

Along with other types of branding, Pudder's chose to go with GSC 600 Series of internally illuminated signs! This sign's style is a flag mount and allows for the business to be seen a lot easier on a main street with multiple businesses. With it also being internally illuminated, it will stand out more at night and allow for more customers of the business to be able to see where they are located.

Pudder's Pub-GSC 100 Series-Perforated Vinyl

Graphic decals are an awesome, inexpensive way to glam up a business. With these graphics, they are being used to help navigate guests where to go. These graphics are also perforated which are good for vehicles and building windows.

Stonecreek Dining Company-GSC 500 Series- Custom Dimensional Sign

Green Sign Company had the opportunity to revamp the dimensional sign for Stonecreek Dining Company and give them an updated look to the front of the restaurant. This sign is a sandblasted 1-inch high-density urethane, painted to meet the design of the sign! These signs are perfect for storefronts, restaurants, boutiques, and many other businesses. The material typically is durable enough to last for 7 years on the exterior of a building.

Mesh-GSC 750 Series- Internally Illuminated Channel Letters

With a modern exterior comes the need for a modern sign. Green Sign Company was able to help with this by coming up with a custom design to complement the look of the building. Using internally illuminated channel letters, this design came to life.

Bru Burger-GSC 300 Series-Flag Mount Sign

How many times have you walked downtown, visiting different businesses, and noticed that some of them either don't have signs or the signs are hard to see? Flag mount signs help eliminate that issue by literally standing out. Flag Mount signs help businesses' remain visible even when those businesses' are abutted to each other.

Bru Burger-GSC 600 & 775 Series- Internally Illuminated Logo with LED Accent Lighting

Green Sign Company had the amazing opportunity to do work for multiple Bru Burger locations. This specific one in Lexington, Kentucky, had a custom sign made to complement the exterior of the building. This sign is an Internally Illuminated cabinet sign with Push Through Acrylic Letters. It also has LED accent lighting to complete the look.

Anytime Fitness/Starbucks-GSC 650 Series-Internally Illuminated Multi-Tenant Sign

On one of the main and most busy streets of Columbus, Indiana, Green Sign Company had the opportunity to help design and install a sign that would provide notice for two businesses. This sign is a double side cabinet sign. It's constructed of aluminum finished with an automotive-grade paint and polycarbonate UV grade faces. It's also internally illuminated using premium low voltage LEDs. Being that the building is tucked away from the main road, this sign is sure to make it stand out and get the deserved attention. #starbucks #anytimefitness #multitenantsigns #columbus #litsigns

Princess Theatres at the Rushville City Center-GSC 600 Series-Blade Mount Sign

Our team had an amazing opportunity to work with the city of Rushville and help them bring the marquee for the City Center back to life. With that, we added a blade mounted sign to the front of the building as well to assist in directing people to the Princess Theatres. This sign is an aluminum cabinet sign with internally illuminated LEDs to make sure that it can be easily seen at night.

Donut Central-GSC 750 Series-Internally Illuminated Channel Letters

These channel letters are internally illuminated with premium low voltage LED's, have translucent vinyl graphics, and acrylic faces. With these channel letters, Donut Central can be seen both day and night. Check them out in Columbus, IN whenever you have your next donut craving. #donuts #channelletters #signs #GreenSignCo.

Historic Artcraft Theatre - GSC Custom Theatre Marquee

Artcraft Theatre was built in 1922 with multiple renovations over the years. Green Sign Company is proud to help with some restoration work of the theatre marquee. #theatre #marquee #theatremarquee #indianapolismarqueesigns

Green Guard Safety Decals - GSC 100 - 200 Green Guard Series

GSC 200 Green Guard Series - Safety Decals, Social Distance Floor Decals, Sneeze Guards and more available in standard and custom designs. #sneezeguards #safetydecals #greenguard #socialdistance


Our designers here at Green Signs got to show their amazing craftsmanship at Margaret Mary Health's new walking trails in Batesville Indiana. These GSC 400 custom series signs are four sided architectural informational signs with routered out letters and logos. They have a custom made information board and first aid kit built into the front of each. These custom signs blend in perfectly with the outdoor nature walking trails with their rustic look.

Princess Theatre Marquee- GSC 600 & 750 Series

Our design team, inspired by historical photos from the early 1900's, replicated the old school Marquee sign feel with a modern twist keeping a consistency with the current city branding. Custom lighting on the "'Princess"' lettering creates a nostalgic aesthetic common to theaters in the early 1900's.


The Big Four Cafe's double-sided hanging wall sign is handcrafted with added dimensional letters and logo. The sign was primed and painted with automotive grade paint and finish for long lasting protection from the elements.

UNION 50 - halo illuminated flag mount - GSC 600 / 750 SERIES

Green Sign Company designed, manufactured and installed this modern looking sign cabinet with dimensional channel letters for Union 50 Restaurant.



This flag mounted sign is constructed of aluminum, primed and painted with automotive grade paint. The translucent graphics allow for the internal illumination to sign through giving this sign an eye-catching look.

GSC Custom Green Sign Series Bru Burger Wall Mural Lexington KY

Bru Burger - Custom Mural

The foundation of our company was started with hand painting and has lived on through the years with many of the projects we do today. Handpainting is one of the many creative specialties that we offer at Green Sign Company.

GSC Green Sign Company 610E Sign Series Electronic Message Billboard Repair Newport KY

Billboard Repair - GSC 610E Series

GSC 600 Green Sign Company Series El Reparo Liberty IN

El Reparo - Internally Illuminated Flag Mount -GSC 600 Series

This flag mounted sign is constructed of aluminum, primed and painted with automotive grade paint. The translucent graphics allow for the internal illumination to sign through giving this sign an eye-catching look.

Green Sign Company Exterior lighting repair Taco Bell Greensburg IN

Taco Bell - Interior & Exterior Sign & Lighting Repair

With state of the art, eco-friendly LED upgrades we can help you protect your brand and save you money in the process.

Green Sign Company Neon Lighting Repair Circle Center Mall Regal Cinema Indianapolis IN

Regal Cinema - Neon Lighting Repair

Green Sign Company has repaired the lighting for Regal Cinemas for many years in multiple locations.

GSC 650 series green sign company skyline chili sign repair batesville, in

Skyline Chili - Sign Repair & Maintenance

Green Sign Company will work with you to keep your sign illuminated and up to date. We offer sign face cleaning, sign pole painting, sign face upgrades, and low voltage LED lighting conversions.

Randy's Roadhouse - Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

The Design team at Green Sign Company worked with the client to create a rustic and vibrant storefront for this unique bar/restaurant.

Schmidt Bakery - Awnings & Canopies - GSC 1000 Series

Home of the Cherry Thing-A-Ling, Schmidt Bakery has been in business for an exceptionally long time. When it came time to update their store frontage we worked closely with them to ensure they stood out. The design team at Green Sign Company felt an internally illuminated awning with a premium covering secured with an aluminum staple-in frame system would be the best option.


Big Four Cafe - Handcrafted Dimensional - GSC 500 Series

The Big Four Cafe's double-sided hanging wall sign is handcrafted with added dimensional letters and logo. The sign was primed and painted with automotive grade paint and finish for long lasting protection from the elements.

Casino Curved Main Wall ID - GSC 675 / 610 Series

Green Signs now offers creative, curved LED electronic message centers, for interior and exterior applications. The most reliable digital signage is available! American Company, designs, engineers, tests, supports and builds high quality LED signs using meticulously sourced components from all over the world.

GSC 750 Series internally illuminated channel letters freddy's westfield, IN

Freddy's - Internally Illuminated Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

Green Signs has worked with Freddy's Steakburger in multiple locations. On the Westfield, IN location we not only installed awnings for them but we installed the internally illuminated channel letters above the entrance of the restaurant.

GSC 750 Series Channel Letters Kindred Spirits Bedford IN

Kindred Spirits - Channel Logo & Letters - GSC 750 Series

This wall sign at Kindred Spirits in Bedford, IN is internally illuminated with premium LED lighting.


Half Price Fireworks - Billboard & Lighting - GSC 110 / 775 Series

Green Sign Company assisted Half Price Fireworks in renewing their brand with a more refined look and updated lighting on their billboard.

Prime Time Restaurant - Awnings & Canopies - GSC 1000 Series

The main entry dome style Canopy is internally illuminated to help with visibility for patrons entering and exiting the restaurant in the evenings.

Buffalo Wings Restaurant - Awnings & Canopies - GSC 1000 Series

The awnings for the facade of Buffalo Wings and Rings without a doubt matches the atmosphere of this great restaurant. The design is fun and spunky and makes their business stand out from the rest.

Jimmy Johns Restaurant - GSC 750 & 1000 Series

Green Signs has created awnings for multiple Jimmy John's locations. Jimmy John's likes to be consistent with their branding and we take pride in matching all of Jimmy John's graphics and only using the highest quality materials.

Langen Meats - Awnings & Canopies - 1000 Series

This small hometown butcher shop's awning is made from our all aluminum frame, staple-in system and covered with premium awning fabric.

El Reparo Restaurant - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

Columbus Bowling - Logo Design -GSC 900 Series

Bru Burger Bar - LED Border - GSC 775 Series

Custom shaped neon or LED strips can convert your signage into a curious and attractive sign. Green Sign Company offers these signs for interior or exterior, in addition, we can add LED strips as building accents.

Jimmy Johns Restaurant - Channel Letters and Logo - GSC 750

Green Sign is not as freaky fast as JJ's but we always get the new signage packages completed before JJ's new locations are open. Jimmy John's custom logo and lettering mounted on most of their stores are internally illuminated and mounted on a raceway as a lot of channel letter are. We take pride in matching all of Jimmy Johns graphics, manual, rules and only use the highest quality materials for this customer.

Union 50 - Custom Channel Letters - GSC 600 / 750 Series

Green Sign Company designed, manufactured and installed this modern looking sign cabinet with dimensional channel letters for Union 50 Restaurant.

4th Street Bar - Custom - GSC 600 / 700 Series

This award-winning, sign design of this retro looking flag mounted sign, is located on 4th Street in downtown Columbus, IN. It is a custom shaped cabinet made from aluminum with internal steel support, exposed bulb and LED lighting, and automotive grade paint finish.

Simmons Winery - Main ID Sign

Simmons Winery - Dimensional Handcrafted - GSC 500 Series

The custom design, handcrafted, CNC routered logo signs with HDU sign panels, relief background, and dimensional letters were made specifically for Simmons Winery. As of 2021, Simmons Winery - 450 North Brewing Co. have done an amazing update on their Main ID! For more details, see the 450 North Post!

Stone Creek Dinning Co - Branding Package

This complete branding package includes wall ID, a pylon sign, and a handcrafted entrance ID. Adding extra detail is one of the most significant things you can do when attracting people into your establishment, plus helps to protect your brand.

Harvest Super Market - Window Graphics - GSC 100 Series

Perforated Window Graphics are a great way to advertise or enhance the facade of your business. These graphics can be temporary or long lasting, they are easily removed when you want to upgrade your image.

Bru Burger Bar - Branding Package

What fun project at multiple locations this custom design and sign package is composed of old-school neon, a hand-painted wall, and internally illuminated contour logos that coincide with the Bru Burger Bar's image.

GSC 200-750 Green Sign Series Subway Resturants Cincinnati OH

Subway - Interior Branding - GSC 200 / 750 Series

This interior custom, brushed metal, a dimensional logo for Subway is backed with premium LED lighting, giving it a "halo" glow.

Union 50 Restaurant - Interior & Exterior Branding - GSC 200 & 750 Series

This custom sign package goes with the entire design of the restaurant. The interior and exterior signage really gives this business that extra boost of vitality.

Sirloin Stockade - Decorative LED Border Lighting - GSC 775 Series

Many restaurants have LED decorative border surrounding their buildings and the Sirloin Stockade is no exception. This specific type of border used to consist of neon lighting but recently has been upgraded on many businesses to LED lighting.


Casino - Maintenance and Branding

A lot of Casinos rely on the sign and lighting industry to help maintain their brand. Over the years Green Sign Company has assisted many different Casinos with upgrading and repairing their interior/exterior lighting.

Snappy Tomato Pizza: Custom Vinyl Graphics

Snappy Tomato Pizza - Vinyl Graphics - GSC 100 Series

There so many things that you can do with Vinyl Graphics, from floor to ceiling. At Snappy Tomato we installed vinyl graphics to the wall and the windows to give this pizza place a little extra pizazz.

Burger Study: Custom Handpainted Mural Wall ID

Burger Study - Custom Interior Wall Mural

The foundation of this company was started with hand painting and has lived on through the years with many of the projects we do today. Handpainting is one of the many creative specialties that we offer at Green Sign Company.

GSC 1000 Series illuminate custom arch canopy rushville IN

City of Rushville Farmer's Market - Illuminated Custom Arch Canopy & Window Graphics - GSC 100 & 1000 Series

This project consisted of 2 phases. Phase 1 we installed the vinyl graphics to the windows and the bathroom logos to the doors. Phase 2 consisted of the fabrication and installation of the illuminated awning.