Convenience & Hospitality

Attracting business in a highly trafficked area can be challenging at times and can cause a lot of frustration. Let us do the hard part so that you can focus on your what's important, your business. Creating a well designed logo that's inviting to guests and customers is something that is highly important in the convenience and hospitality industry! Having colors that are intriguing and get customers in the door will help set you apart from the rest! Give Green Sign Company a call today and let us help you stand out!

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Pavey's (Milroy, IN): Custom Internally Illuminated Channel Letters

Pavey's (Milroy, IN) - GSC 750 Series - Custom Internally Illuminated Channel Letters

If you remember, a little while ago we completed the interior signage for this Pavey's location in Milroy, IN. We've recently completed the exterior signage! We're so happy for Pavey's and their new building! It looks amazing!!

Pavey's (Milroy, IN) - GSC 200/300/400 Series - Custom Interior Branding

Check out this recently completed jobs for the Pavey's in Milroy, IN!! We installed a combination of different types of signs to bring the interior of the new Pavey's convenience store to life!

150 South Condos (JenRista, Inc.) - GSC 600 Series - Custom Internally Illuminated Flag Mount Sign

Check out this recently completed flag mount sign for 150 South Condos in Franklin, IN! The building is a new construction in Franklin and the customer had reached out needing a sign that would work best for the building and the building's location. Our account rep. for the area met with the customer to discuss their goals and ideas for the new sign. All this information was passed on to our design team who used it to create custom design layouts for our customer to review! Once they approved a design, our production team began building the sign! This sign is part of our GSC 600 Series Lighted Signs and is a flag mount wall ID sign. After production was complete, our install team took the sign to site and installed it.

Premier Flats: Custom Internally Illuminated Multi Tenant Sign

Premier Flats - GSC 650 Series - Custom Internally Illuminated Multi Tenant Sign

After the construction of their new apartment complex, Premier Flats needed some signage for the property! Their team reached out to Green Signs and we set them up with our account representative for their location! Our account rep. met with them on site to discuss their goals and ideas for the new signs! They also took measurements and photos of the install locations! All this information was then brought back to our design team who used it to create custom designs for the Premier Flats team to review! Once they approved a design, our production team got started building the signs! After the signs were complete, our install team took the signs to site and installed them!

Pavey's Westport IN: Custom Gas Station Canopy Graphics

Pavey's (Westport, IN) - GSC 100 Series - Custom Digitally Printed Vinyl Graphics

Here's another job completed for Pavey's! This job was for their location in Westport, IN. They reached out needing custom graphics for their entire canopy. Our account rep. for their area met them at site and talked to them about what their plans were for the canopy. A survey was taken of the location and all this information was brought back to our in house design team! Based off what was given to them, they put together to scale, superimposed layouts of what the graphics would look like on the canopy after install! Once the Pavey's team approved the layout, our production team got to work on creating the graphics. The graphics are digitally printed on a premium weather proof vinyl and protected with a UV blocking laminate. Both of these products combined will help ensure that the lifespan of the graphics are as long as possible. After production, our install team took the graphics to site and installed them on the canopy!

Pavey's Milroy: Custom Digitally Printed Vinyl Gas Station Graphics

Pavey's (Milroy, IN) - GSC 100 Series - Custom Digitally Printed Vinyl Graphics

Here's a recent install that was completed in Milroy, Indiana! Our customer reached out needing new graphics for the canopy of the gas station. They met with the our sales rep. for that area to discuss what the graphics should look like and their size. Surveys were taken and given to our in-house design team to use to make accurately sized graphics for the canopy. Once the customer approved a design, they went to our in-house production team to be created. These graphics are digitally printed on a premium outdoor vinyl and have special UV protection to help against fading. After the graphics were created, they were installed by our install team! Graphics such as these are a part of our GSC 100 Series products!

Herdrich Petroleum - QuickPix Rushville - Interior Signs & Graphics

Herdrich Petroleum - GSC 100/200/600 Series - Custom Interior Signs & Graphics

Generally, some might think that branding with signs just means the exterior of businesses. It doesn't. It means branding your business from the outside, in. It's just as important to have signs on the inside of your business as it is the outside for many different reasons. You can utilize signs to direct visitors where they are needing to go, use graphics to add more creativity or tell you business' journey, or have custom etched vinyl with your logo to keep your brand and add privacy in offices. For QuickPix in Rushville, they had custom backlit Channel Logos, faux neon signs, acrylic partitions, and wall graphics in their convenience store to continue their branding through the inside. Every sign and graphic on the interior of this convenience store compliments the others and pulls the overall look together perfectly!

Herdrich Petroleum - QuickPix Rushville - Branding Package

Herdrich Petroleum - Branding Package

Branding is such an important part of any business, especially Convenience Stores. Since they are most recognizable by their cleanliness and features, having the brand established on the inside is just as important as the outside. It will keep customers aware of what convenience store they are in so they can leave good reviews or share their opinion to their friends and family.

LED Traffic Control & Safety Signs

LED Traffic Control & Safety Signs

Keep local parking garages safe for everyone with LED Traffic Control & Safety Signs!

Fuel Mart - Custom LED Digital Price Changer

FuelMart - GSC 675 Series - Custom Digital LED Price Changer & Internally Illuminated Cabinet

What an amazing project this was! The Green Sign Company install team traveled to Austin IN to install this Custom Hi Rise sign for FuelMart! They were in dire need of an upgrade from their old sign and we were happy to help! This Hi-Rise will help them notify travelers of their prices quickly and efficiently. It also will allow for those that run the sign to make adjustments to the prices quickly utilizing a wireless broadband connection. This sign truly increase the overall look of this fueling station!

Stow N Go Self-Storage - Main ID Sign with Electronic Message Center

Stow N Go Self Storage - GSC 600E Series - Internally Illuminated Main ID with EMC

This job was a fun project to complete! We had a customer call us needing a sign for a new set of Storage Units in Columbus, IN. We were able to help him out by coming up with a creative idea for an Internally Illuminated Main ID with an Electronic Message Center (EMC). This sign is going to be multi useful! Adding an EMC to a main ID sign allows for the business to advertise important messages and information with current and potential customers. Specifically in the self-storage industry, owners can share how many available units they have and their prices. This will product will have a tremendous ROI and looks amazing all around!!

GSC 600 green sign company series internally illuminated multi-tenant cabinet bellville in

Attic SelfStor - Multi-Tenant - GSC 600 Series

This double-sided, internally illuminated multi-tenant sign is an inexpensive way to brand your business or facility. Like many of our larger lighted signs, these smaller signs are internally illuminated with premium LED lighting.

Attic SelfStor - Custom Internally Illuminated Main ID Monument Sign

Attic SelfStor - Internally Illuminated - GSC 600 Series

This double-sided, internally illuminated sign is an inexpensive way to brand your business. Like many of our larger lighted signs, these smaller signs are internally illuminated with premium LED lighting.

GSC 900 Green Sign Series Logo Design Totally Blast It Huntingburg IN

Totally Blast It - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

Laughing Horse Farm - Hand Crafted Dimensional - GSC 300 Series

This sign was made from High-Density Urethane, that we sand etched, and painted giving it a creative and dimensional look.

Billboard - GSC 610 Series

Green Signs now offers creative, curved LED electronic message centers, for interior and exterior applications. Made in the great USA!

MS Companies - Internally Illuminated - GSC 600 Series

A fair amount of our businesses with storefront require channel letters on their facade. The majority of channel letters are made from aluminum, acrylic, vinyl and illuminated with premium LED lighting.

Wexford Apartment - Monument - GSC 800 Series

Green Signs offers a budget-friendly monument style sign that is perfect for an entryway or directional sign. Monument signs are less expensive than brick and have a quicker turn around time.

Area Lighting by Green Signs - GSC 775 Series

Green Signs offers multiple low voltages LED lighting options that can give you an average ROI of 18 months or less. Call us for a free proposal to help brighten your brand and save you money.

Historical Society - Dimensional Handcrafted - GSC 500 Series

When the Decatur County Historical Society requested a custom sign from Green Sign Company we knew that it would need to match the authenticity of Decatur County. We designed a custom sand-etched redwood sign panel with added dimensional gold leaf lettering with a hand-painted image.

Four Season Retirement - Post Panel Architectural - GSC 400 Series

Four Seasons was an interesting project because we had an existing brick structure that was grandfathered in the old sign ordinance. Green Signs was able to save our client money and allowed them to keep the larger signs by designing and manufacturing a sign that mounted over the existing brick structure.

Green Signs Branding Packages

Green Sign Company is a one-stop experienced sign and lighting company. Our experts in original design, engineering, permitting, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance gives you the advantage to save time, money, and create a cohesive brand.

LED Area Lights - GSC 775 Series

Multiple low voltages LED lighting options to have an ROI of 18 months or less. Call us for a free proposal to help brighten your brand and save you money.

Ossian Billboard - GSC 610 Series

This billboard in Ossian, IN is equipped with front and rear walkways, and a wide crossover walkway, as well as premium, LED light fixtures.

Greensburg Billboards - GSC 610 Series

Green Sign Company offers Billboard Leasing in Greensburg and the surrounding areas.

Bluffton Billboard - GSC 610E Series

This billboard, located in Bluffton, IN, is a true, 16 mm, high-resolution, electronic message center. Electronic Billboards are a great way to advertise and get multiple uses out of one sign.

Consulting Services for Design, Graphics, Directing, Lighting, & Maintaining Your Brand

Green Sign Company is a one-stop shop that will save you time and money. Our expert Designers and Account Reps will work with our skilled technicians to ensure that you get the most out of your brand.

Changeable Frame System for GSC 110 Series Products

Mounting a changeable banner into a rigid aluminum frame system is great for wall graphics and mobile advertising, allowing inexpensive visual change outs.

Skyline Restaurant Pylon Sign - GSC Maintenance

GSC Maintenance programs ensure to keep your brand illuminated and up to date. Offering sign face cleaning, sign pole painting, sign face upgrades, and low voltage LED light conversions.

Bird Nesting in Sign - Maintenance to remove bird nest

Bird Nest Maintenance

We love birds however we understand that your image must be clean and safe our Green Elite Maintenance Agreement solves this problem. Contact us today for more info!