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In your business image and reputation are everything. There are multiple options to help you communicate what you’re offering. We can help you communicate with existing patrons and market your business to new prospective customers. Our marketing professionals at Green Signs will be there to assist you from the conception to the completion of your project.

Allow our design professionals to work with you to craft a message that impacts today's highly mobile consumers, and creates an awareness of your business and what makes it unique.
Home Bank Mooresville: Custom Internally Illuminated Channel Letters

Home Bank - GSC 750 Series - Custom Internally Illuminated Channel Letters

Long time customer & friend, Home Bank, had our team tackle another project for them in Mooresville, Indiana! Their team reached out to us needing a set of internally illuminated channel letters, vinyl door hour graphics, and a tenant panel to put in the shopping centers multi-tenant sign. Since we work with Home Bank on many of their projects, we have a lot of their artwork on file and are able to get to the permitting and production process a lot faster. For this location, our sales rep. for Home Bank went to site to take a survey of their space's facade, the door, and their spot on the multi-tenant sign. These photos and measurements were then taken back to our designers so they put together some options for Home Bank to choose from. After we had approval from Home Bank on a design, our production team got started fabricating the sign. Once it was complete, our install team took the signs and graphics to site and installed them.

Napoleon State Bank: Custom Interior Wall Logo

The Napoleon State Bank - GSC 200 Series - Custom Interior Wall Logo

The GSC install team traveled to Osgood, IN to install this interior wall ID sign for The Napoleon State Bank! NSB has been an awesome customer and partner of ours for some time now and we're always thankful for their trust in us with their projects and their support. For this job specifically, our team met with NSB's team and they shared their ideas for this interior wall. They worked with our design team and once they approved a design it went back to our in-house fabrication team. After the sign was complete, our install team loaded it up, took it to site, and installed the sign! It looks awesome and adds a unique touch to the interior wall.

Jackson County Bank: Custom Bank Wall Graphics

JCBank - GSC 100 Series - Custom Wall Graphics

Custom Wall Graphics are such a fantastic addition for banks! Customers might spend a few moments waiting for a teller to be available so adding wall graphics to your bank lobby would provide a great opportunity to communicate your bank promises, goals, mottos or anything else that promotes your bank's story. Check out the images below and see how JCBank decided to utilize there wall space! The creativity is endless with custom graphics.

JCBank - Custom Internally Illuminated Monument Sign

JCBank - GSC 600 Series - Internally Illuminated Monument Sign

This custom Monument sign was installed in Bloomington, IN by our GSC technicians! JCBank was in need of a new sign after theirs was brutally demolished by a bus! Monument Signs are a great way to identify a business but unfortunately aren't strong enough to withstand a bus. This sign was constructed with an aluminum frame and custom sign faces on a brick base. It's internally illuminated utilizing LED lights that are strategically mounted to give a balanced, well-lit look to the sign! It looks amazing!

Farmers & Mechanics Federal - Custom Channel Letters

Farmers & Mechanics Federal - GSC 750 Series - Channel Letters

For this project, Green Sign Co.'s install team traveled to Bloomington, Indiana! This project was a set of Channel Letters for Farmers & Mechanics Federal and they turned out amazing! Channel Letters are a great sign to choose if you have a business that you want to be seen during day and night time hours. Channel Letters can come in a variety of different styles and sizes so the possibilities are endless! Farmers and Mechanics went with three sets of internally illuminated channel letters.

Centra Credit Union - GSC 750 Series - Custom Trimless Channel Letters

Early in 2021, Green Sign Company's installation team traveled to Columbus, IN to installed Channel Letters for Centra Credit Union. Centra is a great partner of ours and we are so thankful that they have chosen us to help them with their sign at multiple different locations. For this job specifically, Centra chose to go with Trimless Channel Letters. Since this is a downtown Columbus location, the trimless channel letters will give the exterior of the building a clean, sharp look.

Bank Drive Through Lane LEDs

Guide your customers through the drive throughs easily and efficiently with LED Lane Signs. Easy to manage and affordable! Pick from a wide variety of different options available to suit your bank's needs.

Centra Credit Union-GSC 500 Series-Custom HDU Main ID Sign

This custom sign was made with High Density Urethane, our premium automotive grade paint, and routered to look like wood! After production, it was installed on cedar posts that were also painted using our premium automotive grade paint. Early in sign history, signs we made using wood. By creating signs like this, we get to combine the old with the new to bring in a signature custom look!

Home Bank Corporate Office-GSC 900 Series-Branding Package

Our friend over at Home Bank received a complete branding package for their corporate office location. Our GSC Branding Packages typically include Exterior and Interior signs. They also can be used to create a custom logo for any business! When we talk to customers about branding package, we want them to understand that it's important to brand from the outside in. Get your customers in the door with the exterior sign designs and then blow them away with the elaborate interior signs and graphics.

Home Bank Martinsville, IN- GSC 600 Series- Main ID Illuminated Sign

Home Bank has been an amazing customer of ours recently! We've been privileged enough to help them with multiple of their locations! They took our advice and branded their building from the outside in. You have to get your customers in the door first before they will recognize the interior branding that you have. Internally Illuminated Main ID signs are great for ensuring that your are being noticed by people passing by your location. You stand out against the others and are more visible.

Farmers and Mechanic Federal-GSC 600E Series- Main ID Sign Cabinet & Electronic Message Center

Electronic Message Centers are becoming more and more when it comes to businesses communicating with their customers. This sign is a double side, internally illuminated Main ID sign with an Electronic Message Center. The electronic message center displays in full color and works using broadband wireless internet. You can connect to multiple signs from various locations. Signs like this one are perfect for almost any type of business.

Home Bank Martinsville, IN-GSC 200 Series- Interior Dimensional Logo

Green Sign Company is grateful to have been able to help Home Bank with projects at many of their locations. For this project, Green Sign Company installed interior dimensional logos in a couple of Home Bank's conference room. These signs were 3mm Brushed Aluminum polymetal. Though it is simple, signs like these add branding throughout a building while also maintaining a uniform look.

Home Bank Martinsville, IN-GSC 100 Series-Interior Vinyl Decals

Green Signs Company is grateful for the many opportunities that we've had to work with Home Bank at multiple of their locations. For this job, in particular, we installed multiple different interior vinyl decals to inform Home Bank's customer of where things are located and to add a little more decor to the building. With Vinyl Decals, the possibilities are endless. They are great for adding small creative touches to interior walls, vehicles, and trailers. You can also do big things with it as well, like full vehicle wraps.

Home Bank Martinsville, IN- GSC 300 Series- Exterior Dimensional Wall Logo

Green Signs Company has been so thankful to have many opportunities to work with Home Bank at their many locations. At the Martinsville location, Green Sign Company installed an exterior dimensional wall logo on the side of the building. This sign is made of Premium PVC and durable enough to last the company for roughly 7 years. Signs like this one are perfect for the exterior of banks, doctor's offices, corporate buildings, and many more.

Napoleon State Bank- GSC 200, 300, 600, & 775 Series- Branding Package

Napoleon State Bank has been a great reoccurring customer of ours for some time! They have had us install signage at many different locations. We recently had the opportunity to do a branding package at their new location in Milan, Indiana. These packages typically include Main ID signs, Internally Illuminated Pylon signs, Internally Illuminated Channel Letters, and wayfinding signs. We do interior branding as well such as interior main IDs, wayfinding and directional, vinyl etching, and wall graphics. These are great for businesses that have a brand and are trying to make an impression on their current and future customers. This package is typically used for businesses such as manufacturers, banks, doctor's offices, and much more! #branding #signs #businessbranding #businessbrand #brandingcincinnati

Centra Credit Union - Branding Package

Centra Credit Union-GSC Branding Package-GSC 600 & 750 Series

When Centra Credit Union needed Branding work, Green Signs was able to help them from beginning to end. With our branding package, we were able to help them begin with design, go through fabrication, and end with installation at many of Centra's locations. Being able to be a one-stop-shop for Centra, helped us do the job quickly and with ease. This specific branding package was complete with GSC 750 Series Internally Illuminated Channel Letters, GSC 600 Series Main ID Pylon Signs, and GSC 775 Series Accent Lighting at various locations. Green Signs was very fortunate to work with such a great company like Centra Credit Union. #branding #banksigns #financesigns #custombranding

Honda Federal Credit Union-GSC 600E Series-Electronic Message Center & Main ID Cabinet Sign

Honda Federal Credit Union got a brand new look for its Main ID Sign. Now, it's hard to miss. With a double-sided internally lit aluminum cabinet sign and a double-sided Electronic Message Center, Honda FCU can be seen and be heard. Their new EMC (Electronic Message Center), will help them communicate with their clients and customers in real-time over broadband wireless internet. #Electronic #MessageCenter #OhioSigns #DigitalSigns #OutdoorProgrammableSigns

Agri Business Finance-GSC 600e Series-Electronic Message Center & Sign Cabinet

When Agri Business Finance called upon Green Signs Company for their sign, we answered. This Main ID Sign is a highly popular Electronic Message Center encased in an aluminum cabinet sign. Let your exterior signs do the work for you! These electronic message centers communicate with your customers in real-time over broadband wireless internet.

Honda Federal Credit Union-GSC 300 Series-Entrance Wall ID

Green Signs Company is thankful that Honda/Honda Federal Credit Union has chosen to have many of their projects done through our company. Though the sign is simple, it adds character to the exterior of the building, making for a welcoming first impression. The acrylic lettering has an average life span of 7 years for the company and it's customers to enjoy.

HOME BANK - Perforated Teller Window Graphics - GSC 100 Series

Virtual Teller Machines (VTM) is changing the existing drive-thru banks. Green Sign Company provides a solution for the existing drive-thru teller windows/glass area. The most popular solution is perforated vinyl graphics that can be simple or custom. Other window options include opaque, etched, and decorative patterns.

Green Guard Sneeze Guards - GSC 200 Green Guard Series

GSC 200 Green Guard Series - Sneeze Guards available in standard or custom shapes and sizes at an affordable price. #sneezeguards #safetydecals #greenguard


This GSC 300/775 Series thick PVC dimensional lettering with Goose-Neck Lighting adds a simple but attentive style to this Centra Credit Union in Nashville IN.


Home Bank is one of our many costumers we do repeated work for at many different locations. This particular location is in Plainfield IN where we did some internally illuminated channel letters for their drive thru.


Green Sign Company's designers helped Home Bank in Mooresville IN get a new and improved updated double-faced internally illuminated main ID sign to bring in customers, making this company hard to miss.

Napoleon State Bank - Historical Timeline Display - GSC 200 Series

Napoleon State Bank really wanted to capture how unique its changes have been since 1903 to show their clients and employees that they have the ability to change with time and remain a successful professional financial presence in the communities they serve.

Honda Federal Credit Union - Internally Illuminated w/ EMC - GSC 600E Series

When HFCU approached us with the exciting opportunity to remodel their sign with our design team it was a great match! Our award winning design team wanted to present a professional sign design that was consistent with their branding that also incorporated an American Brand Electronic Message Center. The before and after pictures are priceless.

Napoleon State Bank (Lincoln St)- Internally Illuminated Pylon w/ EMC, Directional s & Interior Branding - GSC 400, 600E & 750 Series

This project with Napoleon State Bank is at their new location in Greensburg IN, Green Sign Company designed and fabricated a custom internally illuminated pylon with and American Brand EMC accompanied by a main wall ID on the exterior and directional signage around the building. For the interior wall logos, we used brushed aluminum consistent with branding and aesthetic design.

Napoleon State Bank (Westport) - Internally Illuminated & Interior Branding - GSC 300, 400 & 600 Series

At the Napoleon State Bank location in Westport, IN, Green Sign Company designed and fabricated a custom internally illuminated pylon accompanied by a main wall ID on the exterior and directional signage around the building. For the interior wall logos, we used brushed aluminum consistent with branding and aesthetic design.


The Peoples Bank updated signage at their Seymour locations consists of current branding design as well as a double sided electronic message center that allows important information such as rates on loans & savings accounts as well as the many financial services they provide to remain competitive in the market with current and potential clients. The high visibility with LED lighting inside the cabinet will draw attention to the EMC communication.

The Peoples Bank (West) - Internally Illuminated Cabinet w/ Double Sided EMC - GSC 600e Series

The Peoples Bank updated signage at their Seymour locations consists current branding design as well as a double sided electronic message center that allows important information such as rates on loans & savings accounts as well as the many financial services they provide to remain competitive in the market with current and potential clients. The high visibility with LED lighting inside the cabinet will draw attention to the EMC communication.

Cummins - Custom Tagline Mural - GSC 100 Series

With this custom hand painted mural of their company tagline, Cummins Indianapolis Headquarters will make a high impact, important first impression to its current and potential customers. This large scale design is located on the ceiling of the walkway that faces the street allowing for high visibility at a safe viewing distance.

Prime Lending -Internally Illuminated Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

These channel letters are internally illuminated with white, LED lighting and covered with translucent vinyl. They are mounted on color matched, remote raceway to match the facade, giving it a clean look.


Centra Credit Union - Internally Illuminated - GSC 600 Series

This exquisite sign is composed of pan formed, UV protected, polycarbonate sign faces and 2nd surface translucent, vinyl graphics. The interior of the sign cabinet is fitted with premium LED illumination giving it a distinctive glow.

Centra Credit Union - Variance - GSC 915 Series

Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc. - Internally Illuminated Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

Hill-Rom is a great client that we've helped with their branding across the nation. On this specific project, we added an internally illuminated sign on the exterior of their Irvine, CA location.

FCN Bank - Branding Package

At the FCN location in Connersville, IN was a complete sign package. Green Sign Company made custom internally illuminated cabinets with an embossed pan logo, accompanied by an electronic message center on the exterior. For the interior/exterior wall logos, we used brushed aluminum that is illuminated with accent lighting.

Agri Business Finance - Logo Design - GSC 900 Series

Hillenbrand - Monument - GSC 800 Series

When doing this custom sign makeover we saved the existing sign foundation and updated the shape and graphics of the sign. We incorporated a stucco finish background, dimensional graphics and a custom aluminum cap with internal down lighting.

Irwin Union Bank - Channel Letters - GSC 750 Series

These internally illuminated, channel letters were mounted on a raceway, which helps to preserve the facade of the building by not drilling multiple times to mount the letters individually.

Edward Jones - Dimensional Handcrafted - GSC 500 Series

Green Sign Company's handcrafted custom signs are perfect for historical areas. The Edward Jones sign that we did in Greensburg has a sand etched background is painted with premium paint and High-Density Urethane lettering is covered in real gold leaf.

MainSource Bank - Window Graphics- GSC 100, 200, 300, 400, & 600 Series

Window graphics are a great, eye-catching way to brand your business and keep the interior of your business private and secure from people passing by.

Neace Lukens Insurance - Interior Branding - GSC 100 Series

Green Sign Company designed and installed interior 3M etched vinyl to a window inside Neace Lukens Insurance to provide privacy.

FCN Bank - Branding Package

Green Signs did the exterior and interior branding for this customer. This package consisted of interior and exterior wall logo, and exterior, internally illuminated monument signs with Electronic Message Center.

Hill Rom Holdings, INC. - Internally Illuminated - Interior Branding - GSC 200, 300, 750 Series

Hill-Rom is a great client that we've helped with their branding across the nation. On this specific project, we added an internally illuminated sign in the entryway of their Admin building and in the main hallway added dimensional, laser cut, acrylic letters showcasing their company values.

Irwin Union Bank - Interior Branding - GSC 200 / 300 Series

Custom material and color were chosen for each of the multiple locations for Irwin Union Bank interior branding. The dimensional metal letters were secured to the wall with hidden mounting hardware giving the lettering a sleek look.

Even Flow Corporate - Interior Graphics - GSC 100 / 200 Series

Even Flow Corporate worked with Green Sign Company designers to create cool window graphics that allowed for some transparency and some privacy. After many sample runs and design revisions, we accomplished what they were looking for with transparent ink over clear vinyl applied to their interior office windows.

MainSource Bank: Custom Main ID Sign

MainSource Bank - Internally Illuminated Pylon Sign - GSC 600 Series

This main ID sign that we manufactured for MainSource Bank has an internal steel structure with an aluminum exterior. We routered out the logo and backed it with 3M 1st surface vinyl with premium illumination, this sign, sure lights up the night.

GSC 600 Series Internally Illuminated Custom Clock

First Federal Bank - Internally Illuminated Custom Clock

This beautiful handcrafted, custom clock with dimensional graphics is internally illuminated. This clock has made a great addition to historical downtown Shelbyville, IN.

First Financial Bank

First Financial - Internally Illuminated Pylon Sign - GSC 600 Series

This aluminum cabinet with internal steel support with a custom engineered foundation is part of our GSC 600 Series. Its translucent sign faces with embossed logo and letters is internally illuminated.

Cummins, INC. - Internally Illuminated Monument Sign - GSC 600 Series

This internally illuminated monument sign is part of our GSC 600 series. This sign has a custom translucent face with laser cut dimensional acrylic logo and lettering. We also use premium LED illumination to give this sign that special glow.

EvenFlo: Custom Etched Vinyl Graphics

EvenFlow - Interior Window Graphics - GSC 100 Series

Green Sign Company's professional installation team designed produced and installed, digitally printed translucent colors on 3M high-resolution, clear vinyl to the interior glass windows of EvenFlow. The results are outstanding and give this office a very modern and professional look.

Indiana Bank & Trust Mini Cooper - Vehicle Wrap - GSC 100 Series

On this Mini Cooper, our professionals installed top of the line high resolution, 3M vinyl graphics. One of our favorite features of this project is Benjamin Franklin in the window.